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New opportunities for you in a changing world

The world has changed, and it won’t be the same again, but this isn’t the end, it’s the start of something new. Covid-19 has taught us that we can achieve anything if we put our minds to it. But, getting clarity and support to identify and achieve our goals and ambitions in the 21st century isn’t easy at all.

Ideas-Shared empowers you to post and develop, urgent and important personal, community, business, environmental and political initiatives and activities with like-minded people who want to help you.

If you’re looking for clarity or direction; or struggling with an idea or problem, or looking for specific help, or you simply want to help others, but don’t have the necessary leverage, publicity, resources, solutions, information or help needed, then consider joining Ideas-Shared, the social change, and improvement platform.

Start by signing up for your free Lifetime Membership, get 5 free listings, and virtual project rooms to use as you want for the next 365 days.

Create your profile, then post up to 5 idea, rant (frustration), problem, article, question, solution or job listings, ask for specific help, then (based on demand and popularity); gain the publicity, leverage, resources, solutions, information, and help you need. Finally, create and deliver tasks with friends old and new, each of whom will have similar desires and interests. Enjoy the results, then repeat as desired.

7 amazing things you can do on Ideas-Shared today

Complete your profile

This introduces you to our members and the rest of the world. It is your persona on Ideas-Shared. It takes just a few minutes to complete your profile and we recommend you do this within the first 24 hours of joining our community. Your profile will itemize your interests and give others a reason to help you. View current members >>>

Create listings

Adding an idea, rant, problem, article, question, solution, or job listing create awareness and showcases to the World what is on your mind. It’s the start of a new adventure for you or it can help you overcome problems. Use this opportunity to make other people aware of your needs and give them a reason to help you. View all listings >>>

Start projects

When you add a listing you can also create a project. A project can be open or closed. Any other member can join an open project, whereas only your friends can be invited to join a closed project. A project room on Ideas-Shared is the place to agree and monitor tasks, which upon completion, should yield the result you’re looking for. View projects >>>

Rate listings

You can rate any listing posted on Ideas-Shared, (non-members can do this also). We use a star system to rate listings across 4 metrics: (a) relevance to me (b) importance to me (c) global impact (d) willingness to help. Additional ratings will elevate a listing up our Leaderboard. This will increase its visibility and attract more people to view and possibly help. View Leaderboard >>>

Rate friends

Kudos where kudos is due. It takes just a few minutes to rate your friends, (when logged in). We use a star system to rate people across 4 metrics: (a) professionalism (b) trustworthiness (c) reliability (d) friendliness. Additional ratings will elevate the member up our Leaderboard. This will increase individual standing and attract more people to view their profile and listings and so attract more help. View leaderboard >>>

Work on great projects

Making our world better, changing and improving that which matters to us, helping other people, and having other people help is primary on Ideas-Shared. Collaboration is key. Members and non-members view listings to find ways to help. If you find ani interesting listing that you want to help with, simply contact the list owner and open up a conversation. It really is, as simple as that. View listings by Country >>>

Increase your influence

Creating valuable relationships is at the heart of Ideas-Shared. None of us can achieve much of note without help from other people. Use our platform (including our text, voice, and video chat facility; and email system to converse and deliver the best possible outcomes for everyone. View listings by category >>>

Last 9 activity listings for you to consider >>> add yours?

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you’re doing the impossible.”

– Francis of Assisi

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Our Mission

Enabling and empowering small and large teams of dedicated individuals to come together on our platform, developing ideas; overcome problems and frustrations; improving quality of life; sharing knowledge; reducing bias, inequality, bureaucracy and inefficiencies; for themselves, the community, the environment, special interest groups, and business, wherever and whenever it is needed.

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Effective 3 Step Process

  • Post your ideas and projects, ask for help, socialize

  • Chat with interested parties, get help

  • Agree on and complete tasks, benefit, repeat

  • View possible uses and outcomes

Share ideas and collaborate

  • Help yourself
  • Help family and friends
  • Help the community
  • Help clubs, schools, churches and organizations
  • Help special interest groups
  • Help businesses
  • Help political causes
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Ideas-Shared empowers you to post and develop, urgent and important personal, community, business, environmental and political initiatives and activities with people who want to achieve specific change and improvement outcomes.

Join our family of caring individuals who want to help themselves and help others. Use our tools and processes to get much-needed leverage, publicity, resources, solutions, information, and help needed to progress or resolve any idea or problem.

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