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Realigning Our Thoughts

Our minds and bodies are complex machines, how we use them, and how we fuel them make a massive difference to the output or results we gain.

We all know that food is something we need to keep us alive and functioning well. The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends eating within the following ranges:

  • Carbohydrates: 45–65% of calories
  • Fat: 25–35% of calories
  • Protein: 10–30% of calories

When the consumption ratios are wrong, we either put too much weight on, or we end up losing it. The quality of the food we eat also has a massive effect on our output. Eating too much of the wrong food makes us tired, lethargic, and unable to think straight.

Now consider the Keto diet.

A ketogenic diet primarily consists of high-fats, moderate-proteins, and very-low-carbohydrates.

  • Carbohydrates: 5–10% of calories
  • Fat: 55–60% of calories
  • Protein: 30–35% of calories

It’s obvious that people who follow a Keto regime will attain different results to those that follow a more standard western eating pattern.

Interestingly, for those that have followed a Keto diet, at some point in their lives they have made a conscious decision to use food in a different way to enhance their body, and so yield different physical capabilities.

Similarly, how we use our mind has a profound effect on our mood, our decision making, our direction, as well as the results we attain, regardless of activity pursued, or desired outcomes.

Talking v Doing or Action v Inaction

Consider the ratio of talking versus doing, or action versus inaction. Both result from what we are thinking about.

Just like a typical diet of over consumption of the wrong macro nutrients, could the structure of our society, and our institutionalised way of life be stifling our ability to use our mind to power healthy action?

In 2017 Gallup stated that 900 million people in 142 countries were unfulfilled with what they do in life, and that in the U.S. alone, 70 percent of people working were unhappy and didn’t care for what they did.

This is an enormous squandered potential, a lot of misdirected minds and many unhappy people.

Just think about the positive impact people could make in the world if they started doing something they valued?

Doesn’t this begin with our ideas?

With your ideas?

A New Dawn

If you feel that your mind is not aligned if you’re unable to progress…

Focus more intensely on your passion and on your purpose in life. This will be the foundation on which you will build everything in the future.

Living and doing meaningful activities gives you the necessary drive to keep learning, to work harder, and invest your resources (time, money, energy) into building something that you are proud of, something that you want to share with the world.

Develop skills and knowledge in the service of your passion. The results you get in life are in direct proportion with your knowledge and abilities AND with your willingness to do the activity. Build everything in life from the profound realisation that you are perfect just the way you are and if results are not as you want them to be, understand that you need to learn what you don’t know.

Once you know and have the willingness to apply this knowledge, success will follow. Passionate learning is the secret to your mind’s eternal youth and the honoured mystery of the alchemists.

No matter what age you are, when you stop learning and exploring, you instantly begin to grow old. Reality will rush by you. You will begin to live in the past, believing a truth that has now become a lie and wandering around in a world that no longer exists.

Understand the difference between pain and suffering. You know what you most value in life, you know what your passion is. You know your truth and you know what your will is.

Pain shows up every time you deny, ignore, or rationalise away your will and your truth. Pain is unbearable because the truth is denied and lies are made real in your mind. “I want to work with children, but…” “I want to help others, but…”.

But creates pain.

Pain leads to anxiety, anger, and depression.

Pain leads to abuse, drinking, and violence. Why don’t they take the pain away? Because your truth cannot be denied. It’s that simple.

When you embrace your passion and your truth, the pain goes away instantly. Suffering will show up as nothing more than the small hits you get along the way.

Living your passion is your truth and it will take your pain away.

Choose the process that brings joy in the end, not regret.

The road may be harder, but it will be meaningful.

Success without fulfillment equals failure.

And that’s where Ideas-Shared comes in.

We help address the imbalance.

We give you a voice, and an ability to act if that is what you want to do.

Here’s how we do it