“It’s time for change and improvement in some many areas of the World, and facilitating change and improvement for the betterment of people everywhere, is the ultimate goal of Ideas-Shared.

We’re enabling and entrusting local to global change and improvement to you and people everywhere. Together we can highlight the issues and put in place initiatives that bring about change and improvement.

Wherever there are problems we can use our collective abilities to make a difference, so why not join us?”

Ivar Ingimarsson & Bob Thompson Founders Ideas-Shared

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Our Story

In our mind, strange things happen for a reason; as it did for us one fine sunny day, outside of a small primary school, in the heart of a Berkshire village. That’s when we met and our journey to help you began.

Ivar Ingimarsson had been thinking about starting an ‘idea’ site for those who didn’t know how to proceed; and out of the blue struck up a conversation with me, Bob Thompson.

Now I had some experience with website development and so from this casual conversation, we created a plan. Ideas-Shared was conceived.

With limited budget we set about putting our plan into action. We worked night and day until Ideas-Shared became a reality. We proved that anything can be accomplished, if you have the desire and willingness, to make things happen.

Today, Ideas-Shared gives a voice to all those who have no one to help them. Here you can list your idea or thought, ask for help, get help and create a plan of action that can be implemented. It is this simple process of collaboration that converts your disparate thoughts into tangible outcomes & benefits. Best of all, our processes ensure you can do all this with your friends.

It is possible, because we’ll help you when no one else will. Just sign up to Ideas-Shared and use our global, on-demand social change and improvement platform to help you get what you need.

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