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Our founders have lived on this planet for more than 100 years, we have experienced many things, professional sport, the military, business, family, parenting, debt, success, failure, happiness, sadness, and all manner of work and projects, some worthwhile, some lousy. We’ve experienced highs and lows. We’ve visited many cultures, met many people. We have an insatiable appetite to make the world a better place, to help others, and to do what’s right. Ideas-Shared is our gift to you.

We’re committed to helping you change and improve everything you care for.

Ideas-Shared is an advanced ‘idea-sharing’ solution that uses social networking and popularity to create leverage for our members. Leverage enables our users to obtain the necessary help and resources needed to progress. Once the necessary help and resources are secured, our members plan and execute tasks, which upon completion, deliver the value and benefit they want.

We’ve gone further than every other ‘idea site’ enabling our members to progress not just ideas, but also frustrations (as rant listings), problems, knowledge (as question listings), solutions, and jobs that synergistically work together to benefit the environment, wildlife, and society.

Showcase the places that are important to you. Share your ideas, frustrations, problems, knowledge, questions, solutions, and jobs so that they can be turned into tangible, positive outcomes. Promote the events that can help us on our journey.

Global Community of people who want to make a difference

Ask for the help you need to achieve your personal, community, business, and environmental goals.

Create groups of like-minded people to make things happen.

Work together to make things happen on Idea-Shared

Take a look and discover a social network that is probably the most important and powerful idea and thought-sharing solution in the world…


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