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We enable all manner of social change and improvement.

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Ideas-Shared was created by Ivar Ingimarsson and Bob Thompon.

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Our Story

We are ordinary people from different backgrounds who share a desire to help everyone achieve their goals using the power of the Internet.

We met by chance and as all stories go, went on a journey of discovery and hardship until we achieved our own goal… which was to create this platform and offer people everywhere the opportunity and ability to change and improve their own circumstances through a combination of online tools, knowledge sharing and action.

It took us more than 18 months, but we did it in the end…

Today, you have the chance to tap into the amazing world of Ideas-shared to begin your journey of purpose and excitement and to get the results you really want!

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We’ve created a special community for you to change and improve…

Yes for Ideas-Shared

Here you can post your ideas and thoughts and ask anyone for help…

Yes for Ideas-Shared

We enable and entrust local to global change and improvement to you…

Yes for Ideas-Shared

We invite your participation to highlight issues and put in place initiatives that bring about real benefits…

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