Case For Change

Could it get any worse after Covid-19… Russia invaded Ukraine, there is a recession looming… companies are posting record profits whilst many live in poverty unable to buy what they need. The World’s finances are in tatters, interest rates are rising, and politicians are arguing among themselves!

And through it all, ordinary people like you and I still need to live and work, look after our families, overcome frustration, fix problems, develop ideas, get answers to questions, help others, and help ourselves.

But, we live in a fractured society, we want instant results, we waste too much time, we blame each other, children aren’t taught the real skills needed in life, we fail to move forward, we perpetuate nonsense, we struggle for money, and we talk endlessly!

What in the world is going on?

It’s quite simple really… individually, ordinary people:

1. Are so caught up in the day-to-day that they never get a chance to do what they really want, or understand what that actually is

2. Simply don’t have a voice, the leverage, or resources needed to achieve their goals, and most methods for changing and improving our world are inefficient

3. Cannot change the status quo, due to all manner of reasons, including woeful leadership, and bureaucracy

4. Have lost faith in society, and so have given up on their dreams

Think the world is fair? Then how can Putin invade Ukraine, when the majority of ordinary people throughout the world are totally against this type of action…

We Can Make Change Happen

If we are going to achieve our greatest potential, inspiring ourselves, and each other, then ordinary people like you and I, need to take control of our own ideas and thoughts.

We need to be strong enough, confident enough, and brave enough to say things as they are, to ask for help, get help, bring teams together, and move from a current situation to a better-preferred outcome using action, not words.

We have to change.

We can’t live in silos anymore… we can’t allow outdated ways of managing countries, resources, money, food, water, and working practices to continue…

This is why we created Ideas-Shared >>> to drive change and improvement wherever it is necessary using everyday activities to deliver our goals.

We empower our members to focus on addressing 4 key areas:

  1. Personal improvement (i.e. the self)
  2. Other people
  3. Communities, businesses, and other organisations
  4. Systemic improvement of Government, Laws, attitudes, etc.

Members choose whatever they want to progress… and of course, individually, and collectively, we may not be able to change everything in the way that we want, but we should be able to come together to develop our ideas, overcome our frustrations, and fix our problems, better than it’s been done in the past.

If you aspire to achieve more than you currently are, then take a closer look at Ideas-Shared. Become a Champion of change and improvement by using our methodology, and platform!

Add your content to our marketplace of ideas and thoughts, and invite other people to help you, identify, discuss, and develop personal, social, environmental, political, and business ideas, and thoughts that have the potential to make a difference in the world.

So, do you like what you see, or what you hear?

Want to join us, to inspire, be inspired, champion causes, make a difference, and make things happen?