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At last… a SaaS based ‘home’ for ambition realisation product, solution, and marketplace for every person (16+) and organisation globally, with the tools and methodology you need to get help, or offer help, and so realise your personal, community, and professional ambitions and goals, without a lot of the usual aggravation and cost that normally comes with creating and sustaining an online presence. Now it’s your turn to claim your spot, and share your ideas and thoughts to make everyday activities more productive and beneficial.

World’s #1 Coached Ambition Realisation Platform

Unique Product For True Global 360 Collaboration

Global Marketplace

Ideas-Shared is a global marketplace for ambition and goal realisation, where membership is completely open and unrestricted, offering a huge amount of opportunity, and value.

  • Access to a broad network of like-minded individuals: The marketplace provides a platform for individuals to connect with others who share their interests and goals. This can lead to the formation of new partnerships, collaborations, and friendships that may not have been possible otherwise.
  • Diverse skill sets and expertise: By bringing together individuals from different backgrounds and with different skill sets, the marketplace can offer a wide range of expertise and knowledge. This can be particularly valuable when working on complex or multifaceted projects that require diverse skill sets.
  • Cost-effective solutions: The marketplace can provide a cost-effective way to access expertise and resources that would otherwise be expensive or difficult to obtain. This is particularly beneficial for individuals or organisations with limited resources.
  • Increased innovation and creativity: The marketplace can be a source of new ideas and perspectives that can lead to increased innovation and creativity. By encouraging individuals to share their ideas and collaborate with others, the marketplace can help to spark new solutions to complex problems.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity: The marketplace can provide a platform for individuals to work together in a more structured and efficient manner. By providing tools and resources for collaboration and project management, the marketplace can help to streamline the process of realising ambitions and achieving goals.

SaaS Based Product Facilitates Everyday Activity Success

It can help individuals, groups, businesses, non-profits, NGOs, and government departments ask for and find the help they need to succeed which leads them to their desired outcomes!






Creating and sharing a pipeline of difficult-to-attain everyday activities and goals across a global network of like-minded individuals, groups, and organisations using our product opens up true collaboration opportunities. It also helps create the leverage you need to change and improve your world.

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