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  1. Are your strategic imperatives being delivered?
  2. Do you spend more time jostling Powerpoint than you do introducing value and benefit throughout the organisation?
  3. Are your employee satisfaction scores through the floor?

Getting cross-functional teams into meetings is easy, being productive is something else! And getting clients, suppliers, and other people engaged to fill your skills gap, or to drive innovation is probably not as good as you want it to be, or it is pretty much non-existent…

So if it’s not working, do something else!

Do this instead…

Here’s A Different Approach

  1. Sign up for Ideas-Shared
  2. Create one or more Champion Group accounts (put someone senior, who is trusted, respected, and delivers in charge)
  3. Invite teams of doers to participate, or open it up and ask other people to help
  4. Confirm which strategic imperatives you want to deliver
  5. Set up any number of activity listings to deliver the change and improvement you want
  6. Focus on identifying the tasks needed to deliver the outcomes you want
  7. Deliver the tasks with the least fuss and bureaucracy

It’s In Your Gift To Make A Difference!

Get off the corporate rollercoaster of inefficiency, reorganisations, and redundancies, get closer to suppliers, and customers alike, and start to develop and deliver meaningful activities that add value throughout the business.

Only by overcoming adversity, or managing opportunity will your Business be able to achieve its goals!

Create the leverage you need to drive change and improvement throughout the business, and the supply chain.

Intelligently collaborate with anyone or any other group, within the business, or outside of it.

Don’t hang about wasting time going through the corporate decision-making process… (did we mention that Ideas-Shared was co-founded by an MCIPS Procurement Director level entrepreneur?!?). The value is in getting intelligent collaboration working for you quickly, and you don’t need to sign everyone up. Start small, and prove it works, then expand.

Well? Are you open to the possibilities… then take this chance to make a difference…

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Imagine The Possibilities?