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  1. Is your team, party, public body, or other organisation struggling to cope?
  2. Are you swamped by the ever-growing challenges our world faces?
  3. People not supporting you?
  4. Finding it hard to work out what to do, or gain insight into people’s wants and needs?
  5. Not achieving your goals?
  6. Need help?

The spotlight is on governments everywhere, and for many, it’s not working.

People simply don’t trust governments, rogue states are out of control, millions of people are needlessly suffering, and public sector workers are under more pressure than ever to deliver.

It can’t carry on like this!

Here’s A Different Approach

  1. Sign up for Ideas-Shared
  2. Create one or more Champion Group accounts (put someone senior, who is trusted, respected, and delivers in charge)
  3. Invite teams of doers to participate, or open it up and ask other people to help
  4. Confirm which goals you want the team to deliver
  5. Set up any number of activity listings to deliver the change and improvement you want
  6. Focus on identifying the tasks needed to deliver the outcomes you want
  7. Deliver the tasks with the least fuss and bureaucracy

Remember, Government serves the People, not the other way around.

It could be as simple as engaging with the broader population and getting things that make a difference to people over the line.

History is littered with the outcomes of failed politics, and it drags the world into one disaster after another.

It’s no longer acceptable to behave like this, and we all need to do more to put right issues such as the Cost of Living Crisis, Covid-19, Ukraine, Brexit, Sustainability, and all of the other things that plague us in 2022, and beyond!

So, let’s use this opportunity to change. Ideology isn’t going to fix anything, nor will party political differences…

It’s In Your Power To Make A Difference!

Only by speaking out against adversity, or supporting opportunity will we be able to make a difference in the world!

And that’s where we all come in, you see, as a Champion Group from within Government, Local Authorities, and/or other Public Bodies, you have the power to engage and do something positive…


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