Ever Get The Feeling That There’s Something You Just Gotta Do?

Have a burning desire to achieve personal, social, environmental, business, political, or financial ambitions, but you’re held back?

  • No real plan
  • Too scared
  • Not sure what to do
  • Not sure how to proceed
  • Too difficult
  • No hope
  • No tools
  • Insufficient leverage
  • No network
  • Insufficient resources
  • Limited help
  • Blocked

On every issue, it seemed, we kept bumping up against somebody, a politician, a bureaucrat, some distant CEO – who had the power to make things better but didn’t. – Barack Obama (A Promised Land)

Want A Structured Way To Achieve Your Ambitions?

Our SaaS-based Coached Ambition Realisation Platform offers a unique way for people with ambition to identify, share, promote, request, accept, build, plan, and execute everything needed to successfully deliver their goals, and ambitions.

  • For Individuals & Groups
  • 100% Results Focused
  • Local and Global ‘Ambition’ Repository
  • Unlimited Activity Listings
  • Unlimited Value Realisation Potential
  • Full Social Network including Zoom
  • True 360 Engagement
  • Intelligent Collaboration Methodology & 7-Step Process
  • Coached Progress Tracker
  • No Adverts

Ingenious Blend Of Tech & Method To Help You

Bring Like-Minded People Together To Realise YOUR Ambitions

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.  ~ Helen Keller

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Turn Any Ambition Into Tangible Activities

Use Emotion & Logic To Make It Happen

Designed For Your Convenience

We’ll Show You How

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What Makes Ideas-Shared So Different?

We Bring Desire & Action Together To Create Real Value


Most people understand the importance of their ideas and thoughts, but there are very few if any dedicated platforms that empower all individuals, groups, organisations, businesses, and even governments globally to come together to realise ambition.

The Ideas-Shared: Coached Ambition Realisation Platform is designed to give you an easy-to-follow plan to turn any ambition into the results you really want, including developing ideas, overcoming frustrations, fixing problems, and more… it’s your one-stop-shop to realise ANY AMBITION YOU HAVE which without help and support will never see the light of day…

Ambition Is In Our Blood

Ex-Footballer & Ex-Soldier

During his top-flight career in football, Ivar Ingimarsson had the ambition of creating an idea website and casually shared it, proving that from little acorns mighty oaks do indeed grow.

From a career in the military to procurement director, to entrepreneur, Bob Thompson’s ambition for empowering others to achieve their ambitions has been the driving force behind the development of Ideas-Shared.

Make Your Ambition Count

There are many things that are wrong with the world, not least how powerless people are to live the life they aspire to, and where ambition is often stifled, and ignored.

The choice we have is more of the same… or you can share your ambitions, and do something with them, to forge a different path. We provide a secure, coached environment, where everyone with ambition can come together, inspire, and act, to deliver the things that really keep us awake at night!

You have the POWER TO ACT.

Are you in?

Because you’re invited…!

Discover Ambition Locally & Globally, Add Yours, Help Others

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