Take The Ambition Realisation Assessment

We've created this Assessment to give you, and other individuals and groups a way to benchmark ambition realisation potential. All you need to do is spend a few minutes answering these 31 questions including 4 survey questions. They are multiple-choice, and you select one answer from those presented.

Questions are spread across 4 core areas:

  • Agenda - understanding your goals, and having the desire, motivation, and discipline to do what you need
  • Behaviour - thinking about and doing the right things to maximise your ambition realisation potential
  • Systems - having the ability to utilise a systemised solution to optimise performance
  • Support - being able to bring together the people, resources needed, and then utilising them correctly

Each area and the overall Assessment is then graded either 1 Star, 2 Stars, 3 Stars, 4 Stars, or 5 Stars Stars.

One answer to each question (excluding survey questions), has been deemed to be the 'optimal' answer, or optimised state or target position that you should be aiming for. At the end of the Assessment, you'll get detailed feedback and an action plan that can be implemented immediately, and which could, depending on your current circumstances help you achieve your personal, community, and professional ambitions and goals.

You can start the Assessment whenever you're ready. There is no time limit, but it shouldn't take you more than a few minutes to complete.

Thank you.


P.S. If you would like a copy of the Assessment sent to your nominated email, then please enter it below. As an added thank you, we'll send you a free copy of '7 Steps to Glory' along with your assessment result. If you don't want this, then go ahead and click the button marked 'Start Assessment' below.

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