How It Works

In The Beginning

It all starts with you… you have an idea, frustration, problem, or some other ambition… but you don’t have the help, support, information, or leverage needed to succeed… now you have a choice:

  1. Forget your ambition, or
  2. Find another way to achieve your goals, or
  3. Sign up to Ideas-Shared and use our platform to facilitate the results you want

Your Options

If you’ve chosen either option 2 or 3 above, then you’ll probably want to follow a process similar to this:

  • Identify your ambition, or goal, if you haven’t already
  • Share it with other people
  • Bring interested parties together
  • Put forward and discuss options to progress
  • Choose the most appropriate path
  • Implement
  • Measure and adjust

Of course, successful delivery will depend on many variables including the topic, the size and scale of the issue, the environment or market, available or possible options, the cost, the leverage required to change and improve matters, the mindset of everyone impacted, and the appetite to get to a successful conclusion.

Using Ideas-Shared

When opting to use Ideas-Shared, the first thing to do is sign up, then complete your profile. Just select the most appropriate account from the 4 options below. Additional sign up help can be found here.

Once you’re in the members area, we recommend you check the other listings to see if any meet your needs. Our Virtual Assistant Nadine, has added several ‘big ticket’ issues (e.g. environmental, political, or business listings).

If no suitable listings exist, then add your own personal, social, business, political, and environmental listings etc. based on your own experiences, circumstances, and outcomes wanted, then invite other people and organisations to help you.

Your listings are progressed using the below steps. Note that not each one may be needed, circumstances will dictate accordingly:

7-Step ‘Intelligent Collaboration’ Methodology

If you’re not sure what to do, we offer a Boot Camp, 30 Day Challenge, and a full Coached Progress Model so you can get to know everything you need to use, and prosper from your membership.

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Fully Documented Help All The Way

All the information you’ll ever need, and then some…

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Go At Your Own Pace With Anyone You Choose

  • Sign up
  • Decide upon your goals
  • Identify activities that deliver your goals
  • Post to one or more of the 18 activity listing types
  • Visitors and members ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ listings and/or ‘review’ them for yet more spotlight focus
  • Members create ‘groups’ and come together in teams to plan
  • Group members agree upon tasks that need completing to deliver the activity
  • Teams execute tasks and deliver desired outcomes

Note that the size and scale of your ambition will determine how much leverage, time, support, etc. is needed, as well as the duration of any activity.