How It Works

Our platform is the magnet that draws people with a desire for something better together. It facilitates a process whereby our Members identify, share and deliver everyday activities which they believe can make a difference in the world.

It is a carefully curated solution to increase engagement, performance, and success. Changing and improving anything isn’t inherently difficult in itself, but humanity has a habit of making this more difficult than it needs to be.

Our 7-Step Process and supporting information, and training cuts out much of the usual waste and inefficiency. Regardless, without the leverage commensurate to the outcome desired, success will be difficult, which is why we urge as many people as possible to get involved and to provide leverage when needed. It’s up to all of us to play our part and to help decide the future of humanity…

The Simplicity of Ideas-Shared Hides True Power

How Ideas-Shared works really is sublime… whether you’re an individual, or an official/unofficial group representing the community, business, non-profits, and government/public bodies, everyone has one thing in common >>> and that is that we have strategic imperatives, goals, ambitions, must-do’s, and bucket lists… call it whatever you like, they all mean the same thing!

We want and need to achieve ‘stuff’…

But if we don’t know how to get there, if we have no help, no process, no logic, no means of getting what we want then life isn’t great, in fact, life becomes *$”!.

To stop that from happening we created Ideas-Shared, to provide you (either as an individual or as part of a group); with an end-to-end innovation, change & improvement solution, and this is our methodology…


We start with your strategic imperatives, goals, ambitions, must-do’s, bucket lists… and if you don’t know what they are, we’ll help you find them. It could be anything, it could be personal, social, business, or political… and it’s triggered intuitively, or after some type of adverse event, or opportune moment occurs.

The key point is you probably don’t know how to proceed, you don’t have the necessary help or support, and doing nothing is no longer the right course of action. Emotionally you’re unhappy, frustrated, and desperate for a solution. And then you stumble upon Ideas-Shared.


You know how you feel. You’re anxious, worried, angry even, and these states do not help, in fact, they are counter-productive. That’s why Ideas-Shared helps you go beyond these everyday feelings so that you can identify, focus on, and make a conscious decision to do something about something with a clear head.

You make a small commitment in time to look at our platform, and our methodology and you come to realise that this might be the best chance you have of achieving your ambitions and goals.


To achieve something, you have to do something, no surprises there!

That’s why we help you turn your list of goals, into tangible action using Activity Listings which showcase the everyday activities you want to do. We show you how to set these up, and share them with other people.

Activity Listings are invitations that attract the help you need to deliver activities.

And so, with a mix of excitement and a little trepidation, you post your first Activity Listing, and ask for the help you know you need, then set about spreading the word.


Finally, people you know, and some you’ve never met before will say they want to help you, and together you set about planning and executing the tasks you and your newfound team know need to be completed in order to complete the activity and achieve the desired outcomes.

Collectively then, you complete these tasks and deliver the value and benefit you want.

Fully Documented Solution

Everything is carefully, and thoroughly explained. Just check out the Member Library:

Art & Science of Intelligent Collaboration
Practical Collaboration eBook
Fast Start Guide Mock up
Founders 1 Mock Up
Top 30 Champion Things To Do On ideas Shared Which Deliver Results
196 Ways To Make A Difference Mock Up

And now that know this process works, you’re able to repeat it, as often as necessary!


  • Decide upon your goals
  • Identify activities that deliver your goals
  • Post one or more of the 18 activity listing types that you want to do
  • Visitors and members ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ listings which highlight these further
  • Members create ‘groups’ and come together as a team to talk and plan
  • Group members agree upon tasks that need completing to deliver the activity
  • Teams execute tasks and deliver desired outcomes

This is how we go about changing and improving our world, personally, economically, politically, socially, environmentally, and more!

Of course, the scale of innovation, change, and improvement will be different, sometimes it will be global, requiring significant leverage/help/resources, whilst at other times it will be less so, such is the nature of the beast.

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