Powerful 7-Step Process That Works

Start by joining Ideas-Shared and complete a short profile. Now you’re ready to go. Follow this 7-Step Process for each idea or thought you want to achieve a tangible outcome for:

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We’ve taken all the guess work out of identifying and delivering on your ideas and thoughts. Just sign up and use our scalable, repeatable solution.

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Go At Your Own Pace With Anyone You Choose

  • Decide upon your goals
  • Identify activities that deliver your goals
  • Post one or more of the 18 activity listing types that you want to do
  • Visitors and members ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ listings which highlight these further
  • Members create ‘groups’ and come together as a team to talk and plan
  • Group members agree upon tasks that need completing to deliver the activity
  • Teams execute tasks and deliver desired outcomes

Note that the size and scale of your idea or thought will determine how much leverage, time, support etc. is needed, as well as the duration of any activity.

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