Get Started The Right Way

Prospective Members

  • Everything starts with a decision, you like what you see, you’re over 16, and you want to join Ideas-Shared. Fantastic.
  • Decide which type of ambition(s) you want to realise. This will point you to either a free Personal Crusader Account or premium Advocate Account.
  • If you’ve selected an Advocate Account, choose its type from the following options: Personal, Business, Non-Profits & NGO, or Government.
  • Representatives of Business, Non-profit & NGO, and Government Advocate Accounts only, need to decide on the number of Users to bring along with you, options are 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, or 1000. If you need more than 1000 then contact us.
  • Finally, click on the relevant signup page and complete the form.

Guidance Notes

  1. Crusader Accounts and single user Advocate Accounts are classed as Personal Accounts.
  2. Advocate Accounts for Businesses, Non-Profits & NGOs, and Government are set up by the appointed representative, who then invites sub-account members to Ideas-Shared from within the member area.
  3. All Advocate Accounts include a 30 Day Free Trial, plus a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  4. Crusader Account holders may upgrade to a single user Advocate Account. There is no direct upgrade path for single user Advocate Accounts.
  5. Business, Non-Profit & NGO, and Government Advocate Accounts are treated as separate entities from Personal Accounts.
  6. Representatives of Businesses, Non-Profit & NGO, and Government representatives can purchase as many Advocate Accounts as they need for their organisation.
  7. Crusader and single user Advocate Account holders do NOT need to have multiple accounts, unless they are a nominated leader of a Group. When an existing member wishes to have multiple accounts, a DIFFERENT EMAIL address will be needed for each one. Multiple accounts are not linked.
  8. If you’re a Leader and wish to invite a Team member who is already a member of Ideas-Shared, you do NOT need to use a SUB-ACCOUNT for that person UNLESS you want them to post listings on your behalf under your Account.
  9. If you’re a Leader, then it is up to you to decide whether you allow any sub-account member within your team, who do not have their own Crusader Account or single user Advocate Account to post personal listings under your Group Account.
  10. Regardless of which Account type you sign up for, you will need to enter a USERNAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PASSWORD and PASSWORD CONFIRMATION as part of the sign-up process.
  11. Once you have completed and submitted your sign-up form you will be redirected to the respective membership area.
  12. For Crusader and single user Advocate Accounts, and once inside the member area, you will be asked to complete your profile with your FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, along with other details.
  13. For Advocate Group Accounts, and once inside the member area, you will be asked to complete your profile including your FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, GROUP NAME (e.g., Business name, Organisation name), GROUP TYPE (e.g., Business, School, etc.), along with other details.
  14. After joining, we recommend you complete your profile as fully as possible, and ideally within 24 to 48 hours of joining.
  15. Once in the member area, you are free to get started posting listings immediately, or you can learn more with our Boot Camp, 30-day Challenge, or Coached Progress content.


Non-Members play an important part in the progress of all ambitions on Ideas-Shared. It’s as simple as Reviewing and/or Liking/Disliking current Listings:

  • Find listings you’re interested in
  • Click through to the Listing Detail page
  • Read through each then Like It or Dislike It.
  • As more people like/dislike a listing, so it attracts yet more views and considerations
  • Natural selection forms and people willing to help come forward
  • Activities are planned and executed
  • Desired results are achieved

If you want to do more, then simply sign up.