Why Join

This page lists a myriad of reasons as to why one should join Ideas-Shared. These are the usual “stock answers” that we’re all used to seeing, and they’re factual and applicable. But, the real reasons that you must join are:

  • For you to be in control of adversity and opportunity
  • So that you can achieve your goals:
    • Stay alive and stay safe
    • Get away from pain
    • Become more efficient, or do things efficiently
    • Move towards pleasure

(In fact, the “act of joining” puts you in control of your actions, rather than you being controlled by negative thoughts or habits… (and that’s the real truth of the matter)…

And, when you do this, you move from being a reactive bystander, with little or no control, to someone with the potential to harness great power, when partnered with like-minded people.

Now let’s put that into context…

The world is facing a long list of global issues that potentially impact us all wherever we live.

They affect us at all levels: personal, family, business, societal, and global. The list is long, and I don’t need to list them all; you are well aware of them. To name just a few:

  • At the personal level: unemployment, depression, and loneliness
  • At the family level: domestic abuse and divorce
  • At the business or organisational level: a lack of employee engagement and psychological well-being
  • At the societal or community level: poverty, unemployment, inadequate healthcare provision
  • At the political level: increasing polarisation and lack of tolerance
  • At the global level: global warming, terrorism, pandemics, financial instability, oceanic pollution, depletion of natural resources

But, things aren’t changing, or not changing quickly enough, and the same issues keep coming up. It’s simply not acceptable anymore. That’s why we created Ideas-Shared… to move things along…

And you can help too…

Epecially If…

  • You’re not getting the progress you want
  • You may have lost all hope
  • No one is listening to you
  • You’re not in the right mindset to do what you want to do
  • You have too many conflicting issues, and no idea how to prioritise
  • You’re feeling fed up because there doesn’t seem to be a way out
  • You don’t have the skills or knowledge and are not sure what to do next
  • You don’t have a team to help you
  • You don’t have the support, time, or money
  • You don’t have a voice, or platform to say what needs saying
  • You don’t have anywhere to bring like-minded people together
  • You don’t have the reach, or leverage to effect change, or improvement
  • You don’t have a structured, repeatable, or scalable process to change and improve what you want

We’re Here For You

  • Put yourself out there, don’t be a shrinking violet
  • Never not say it… if you feel it, or want it, then go for it, and share it
  • Use the power of words to tell your story
  • Ask for help when needed
  • Bring the right team together
  • Assign the right level of urgency
  • Reduce high-level goals down to smaller everyday activities and tasks
  • Take calculated risks
  • Remain focused through to the conclusion (i.e. the achievement of your goal)
  • Care for your goal, care for everyone, care for the future
  • Build a growing network of people who get on and help each other succeed
  • Keep your plans high-level and flexible, but jump into the detail when needed
  • Create trust with everyone and always tell the truth
  • Be guided by intuition, inspiration, and curiosity
  • Be the best you can be
  • Do it for yourself, and all you care for

Join Ideas-Shared… use our Idea-Sharing Platform, Formula, and Intelligent Collaboration to make thing happen, directly, or via other means… let us show you how…

Bridging The Gap To Create The Future You Want

Ideas-Shared helps you connect with your innermost desires, helping you harness your intuition, and releasing your curiosity to change and improve any aspect of your world. It doesn’t matter that you may not know exactly how to achieve your goals, what’s important is that you decide categorically that you want to give it a go. Once you have made the decision, all else will fall into place!

Find Your Why And Make It Happen

So why get involved with Ideas-Shared?

Well, there’s a lot going on in the world, a lot of it is destructive, it can wasteful, inefficient, or simply too difficult… but by harnessing our individual and collective ideas and thoughts we can start to focus on those important, and urgent personal, community, business, political, financial, business, and environmental issues and challenges! Start today… begin by sharing your ideas and thoughts with the people you know or with those you’ve yet to meet! 

Russian folly
Stop Russian Folly
Save Environment
Improve Politics
Stop Injustice
Business Improvement
Develop Business
Help Yourself & Others
Make A Difference

Reasons To Join:

  • Easy signup process
  • Use as needed
  • When every avenue you go down draws a blank
  • When you’re struggling to find the right people to help you
  • When you can’t overcome bureaucracy and inefficiency
  • When no one seems to believe in you
  • When the leverage you need is not found
  • When you’re really stuck
  • When you want to help the things you really care for, but can’t
  • When you want to shine a spotlight on things that need changing and improving
  • When you want to make our streets safer
  • When you want global institutions to help and support people
  • When you want to stop the world from being ravaged by despots and lunatics
  • When you want to overcome discrimination, poverty, and inequality

Yet More Reasons To Join:

  • An easy and fun way to make a difference
  • A level playing field for all
  • Uncapped opportunity
  • Engage in unlimited collaborative opportunities with anyone
  • Low cost of entry
  • High return on investment
  • 140+ Categories globally
  • 18 different Activity types
  • East to follow 7 Step Process
  • Ask for the help you want
  • Political correctness is unnecessary
  • No censorship of activity listings
  • Listings are evergreen keep for as long as needed
  • Get known for caring
  • Get known for being an expert
  • No advertisements

Whatever your situation, and whatever you’d like to achieve, let us facilitate your journey.