Ideas-Shared is designed to help deliver the strategies you care most about.

Personal Strategies

  • Feel empowered
  • Develop as a person
  • Enjoy life
  • Get the basics
  • Add value

Community Strategies

  • Identify needs
  • Bring people together
  • Improve quality of life
  • Offer choice
  • Help others

Business Strategies

  • Help customers
  • Be efficient
  • Stay in business
  • Grow and make money
  • Develop portfolio

Non-Profit Strategies

  • Help more people
  • Add more value
  • Remain solvent
  • Be efficient
  • Care more

Government Strategies

  • Improve life
  • Make better decisions
  • Support people better
  • Stay in power
  • Be more popular

Members select one or more of the above strategy areas to progress their ambitions and goals, then choose an activity from the below options to deliver their desired outcomes. Members may also help other members achieve their ambitions and goals. There is no limit to what you can strive for on our platform.

Everyday Activities That Drive Change & Improvement

Develop Ideas

Activities include: Building, Campaigning, Doing Something, Improving, Innovating, Inventing, Suggesting Something

Outcomes include: Making Money, Bringing Joy to Others, Changing the Law, Improving Quality of Life, Living Longer

Overcome Frustrations

Activities include: Complaining, Changing, Getting Redress, Improving, Overcoming, Venting Frustration, Venting Anger, Warning Others, Stopping Something

Outcomes include: Feeling Better, Being Less Stressed, Improving Temper, Showing Others You Care, Gaining Support

Fix Problems

Activities include: Changing, Fixing, Improving, Overcoming, Repairing, Solving, Stopping Something

Outcomes include: Getting Something Working, Increasing Values, Improving Quality of Life, Feeling Better

Share Articles

Activities include: Complaining, Educating, Evaluating, Explaining, Informing Promoting, Sharing, Showcasing, Warning, Stopping Something

Outcomes include: Becoming Famous, Developing a Following, Understanding People More, Making Better Decisions

Ask Questions

Activities include: Deciding, Engaging, Getting Feedback, Influencing, Learning, Prompting Reactions

Outcomes include: Knowing More, Getting Answers, Progressing to the Next Level, Being the Expert

Offer Solutions

Activities include: Educating, Promoting, Selling

Outcomes include: Increased Revenue, Increased Profits, Improved Reputation

Manage Jobs

Activities include: Finding Help, Offering Help

Outcomes include: Getting Things Done, Improving Matters, Feeling Good

Showcase places

Activities include: Sharing Favourite Places, Alerting Issues, Showcasing Places

Outcomes include: Attracting More Visitors, Earning More Money, Gaining Coverage, Getting Sponsorship, Showing Support, Gaining Financial Support

Promote Events

Activities include: Promoting Days in History, Conferences, Exhibitions, Fund Raising Activities, Open Days, Public Meetings, Trade Shows, Online Meetings

Outcomes include: Meeting New People, Seeing Old Friends,
Bringing People Together, Getting Things Done

“It all starts by deciding if you want to make a difference… to be a Champion for yourself, or any other organisation or business, to decide upon your goals, share ideas and thoughts, ask for help, get help, and do the things you need to do with like-minded people until your desired results are achieved…”

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