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Cycling trip in Iceland, August 2010
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Bicycle road next to Road 1 in Iceland.

Iceland, bicycle, Road 1, Ring Road

Over two million tourists came to Iceland in 2019. Many of them drove Highway 1, which has been described as driving through an ever-changing postcard, the landscape changes at every turn and every hill.
The idea has popped up that it would be wise to build a cycling path parallel to Highway 1 and thus increase the number of opportunities to enjoy our beautiful country in a safe and good way. 
According to reports that have been made in Scotland, the profits from cycling are estimated to be around 20-40 billion annually.
In light of this, a good argument could be made that this would be an economically and socially good investment for Iceland, but this would of course need to be looked at more closely.

The Road 1 or the Ring road is 1300 km. Estimated cost for 1km of bicycle road is 30 million ISK or 210.000$, so we are talking about massive investment. But I am sure this could be lowered with project of this size.
This sort of project would created all sorts of new jobs and services all around Iceland.

So what do you think would this be a good idea for Iceland and would you come over to bike around Iceland?

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I have been told that 750.000 people come to Scotland to bike each year. If we would get 250.000 each year to Iceland for that purpose I think that would be massive success
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June 23, 2030
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Bicycle road next to Road 1 in Iceland. 1 review

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Ivar Ingimarsson

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