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Going Where AI Cannot go

The world has changed fundamentally since I grew up in the 60s. We had one TV which eventually became available in colour; and when my Dad went to work along with the other dads, there were no cars left in the street.

Today, we are somewhat lucky that technology exists, albeit, life is somewhat faster today. Now we can get instantaneous access to information and services when available (and if you’re wondering what isn’t available, I’m thinking of having every Premiership game of football televised every weekend). Technology in itself cannot replace humans, and nor do we want it to, I suggest! (Although there are probably some people the world would be better off without).

With all of this technology, we shouldn’t forget that we are human. Using our brains, our intelligence, emotion, skills, and experience is that which will take humanity forward, in whatever direction we choose.

We need to come together to discuss the issues, not be fed a pile of tripe from various mediums that are only interested in their one view, or ideology.

We need to ensure our environment, food supply, energy, infrastructure, and our ability to earn money, will survive and thrive going forward. Economics, global finance, and sociopolitics is all broken, outdated, and due for replacement. No amount of AI, RPA (that’s robotic process automation), or other technologies will help here unless we learn how to create opportunities for everyone. Our Schools still churn out many kids that cannot read or write, thinking skills, behaviours are still somewhat neanderthal, and this perpetual cycle of bureaucracy, inefficiency and waste are debilitating.

What will change all this? Nothing if we stay as we are…

But, if we come together to put the issues on the table, and properly discuss these, whilst creating a fairer political, economic and financial infrastructure where money isn’t blatantly the biggest discrimination on the planet!    

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In Progress
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Important & Urgent
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Personal Listing

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To have in operation a global community of people using Ideas-Shared, who make a difference every day, by actively getting involved in delivering activities, locally, and globally.

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Political Change, Public Support

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Contribute Purposefully - Feel Valued - Have Fun,Debate - Decide Something - Prompt Action,Educate – Evaluate – Inform,Find Help – Offer Help,Fix – Repair – Solve Something,Invent – Innovate – Build – Create,Suggest Change,Offer Hope - Comfort

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The Hoxton Mix, 86-90, Paul Street, Shoreditch, London Borough of Hackney, London, Greater London, England, EC2A 4NE, United Kingdom

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Bob Thompson

Member since 1 year ago
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Author Info

Bob Thompson

Member since 1 year ago

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