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Cancer Research

Fight For Charity! Raise Money For Cancer Research

So Proud!

I am excited to announce that on the 9th April 2022, my son George will be taking part in a MMA fight to raise money for Cancer Research. This will be in Bracknell.
So proud that he’s put himself forward to help this amazing Charity!
If you’d like to watch then below are the links for tickets, and a link to the donation page, via Just Giving.
Would be great to see some of you at the event and if you could take a look at the donation page it’s all for a good cause so any donation would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, and good luck George!

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Activity Status
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Important & Urgent
Activity Type
Personal Listing

Event Timings

Event Start Date
April 9, 2022
Event End Date
April 9, 2022
Event Start Time
04:30 PM
Event Price
From £25

Activity Purpose

Reason For Activity (Your Ambition)

Reason for Posting
To promote the fight and to obtain more donations.

What Success Looks Like

Activity Completion Date
April 9, 2022
Success Criteria
A fun, safe, evening, where George will hopefully win… and that we raise money for this great cause.

Requirements Needed To Progress Activity

Focus Groups
Type of Help Needed
Donations, Public Awareness, Public Support
Confidentiality Agreement
Why Consider Getting Involved
To support a great cause.
What's In It For You
Nothing at all.

The Numbers

Actual £ Benefits Achieved to Date


Location or Impact of Activity

Bracknell Leisure Centre, Bagshot Road, Crown Wood, Birch Hill, Easthampstead, Bracknell, Bracknell Forest, South East England, England, RG12 9RP, United Kingdom

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Bob Thompson

Member since 2 years ago
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Next Steps

What Now?
This event is over, but you can always give a little to Cancer Research (and other Charities); the world over, whenever you want. Just search these out online, and spread a little cheer whenever you can. Thank you for participating.

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