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Think Change Improve

Help Create An Inclusive Community

Because We're All impacted...

We all have the potential to make things happen, or we can turn our backs and ignore what's really going on.

Ideas-Shared was created for everyone, regardless of who they are, or what they do, so that we can come together and make a difference.

If this is intriguing, yet you're not sure how to do it, then don't worry, just incorporate the following into your everyday thoughts and actions: 

  • Not justifying, or perpetuating failure, inefficiency, or ineffectiveness
  • Not complaining, blaming, sniping, or otherwise contributing to problems
  • Doing something meaningful with their time
  • Controlling their fight or flight mechanism and confronting real or imagined issues
  • Believing that they really can make a difference
  • Engaging with other members to find answers to perplexing questions and situations
  • Being willing to open one's eyes to what's really going on, and to broaden perspectives
  • Tell the truth, respect others, and help out where you can
  • Be compassionate, reasonable, and do not do anything that is harmful to others, or deceitful

You'll be surprised at the difference it makes!

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Personal Listing

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Reason for Posting
To create collective awareness that drives collective action.

What Success Looks Like

Success Criteria
The creation of a global audience that is willing to get involved, and make a difference, changing and improving that which needs it.

Requirements Needed To Progress Activity

Focus Groups
Activists, Anyone, General Public
Type of Help Needed
Different Thinking, Direct Action, Signups
Why Consider Getting Involved
Because we're opening the door to a brighter future, and you can be part of it.
What's In It For You
Whatever you want... yes really... but only if you're willing to speak up, and take action.

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Austin, TX, USA

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Nadine James

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