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How Do We Fix The NHS?

Time For Answers

We love the NHS… the concept is amazing, and here in the UK, we are very privileged to have such a facility.

There are many countries around the world that do not have such capabilities, and healthcare is not a right for all.

The big question now is, how do we fix it?

How do we overturn the years of meddling, bureaucracy, the lack of systems or implementation failures, low wages, lack of staff, and the long lead time needed for some of this?

The NHS needs cross-party support, not political points scoring… because to be honest, all those in power have contributed to where we are today. As much as I don’t like to use the word blame… it’s very pertinent here.



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Listing Status
In Progress
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Important & Urgent
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Personal Listing

Listing Purpose


Reason for Posting
To improve the service for the benefit of all.

What Success Looks Like

Success Criteria
Go behind the slogans of patient care, or whatever else we choose to hang our hat on, we need a service that is efficient, well funded, well-staffed, with proper joined-up systems and processes that extend into the community and across all services. We also need a proper way to fund all our hospitals. We need to invest.

Requirements Needed To Progress Listing

Type of Help Needed
Investment, Political Change, Press Coverage, Public Support

The Numbers

Estimated Funding Amount
Estimated Cost to Deliver in UKP
> £25K
Estimated Listing Benefit in UKP


Location or Impact of Listing

Palace of Westminster, New Palace Yard, Westminster, Millbank, City of Westminster, London, Greater London, England, SW1A 0AA, United Kingdom

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Bob Thompson

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Next Steps

What Now?
A radical rethink is required, for those interested it starts by getting together and talking more…

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Author Info

Bob Thompson

Member since 1 year ago

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