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Wildlife Decline
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Living Planet Report 2022: Wildlife populations decline by 69% in 50 years

Should we save our planet?

My goal is to stop the debate about whether or not our world is in crisis, to stop playing politics, to fund correctly, and to save our wildlife.

What's so difficult about that apart from the way we run the world...

It is reported that there has been a 69 per cent decline in the wildlife populations of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish, across the globe in the last 50 years, according to the latest Living Planet Report by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

Biodiversity loss and climate crisis should be dealt with as one instead of two different issues as they are intertwined, the international wildlife conservation organisation said in the report, highlighting the link between the two issues for the first time. (Really - how clever we are?)

The highest decline (94 per cent) was in the Latin America and the Caribbean region, the report released October 13, 2022 showed.

Africa recorded a 66 per cent fall in its wildlife populations from 1970-2018 and the Asia Pacific 55 per cent, according to the WWF report.

Freshwater species populations globally reduced by 83 per cent, confirming that the planet is experiencing a “biodiversity and climate crisis”, the organisation found.

Habitat loss and barriers to migration routes were responsible for about half of the threats to monitored migratory fish species, it noted.

So, what now?

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There is a real potential for disaster on our planet, and we can either sit idly by, or we can investigate and do something about it.

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An increase in the population of the natural world, without detriment to humanity.

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Activists, Anyone, Celebrities, Charities, General Public, Global Institutions, Governments, Influencers, Politicians, Press, Scientists, Volunteers
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Different Thinking, Direct Action, Mindset Change, Options, Policy Change, Political Will, Press Coverage, Public Awareness, Public Support, Solutions
Why Consider Getting Involved
To create the required leverage and change the status quo.
What's In It For You
Maybe nothing, maybe everything.

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Réserve nationale de la forêt de Kakamega, Kenya

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Bob Thompson

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What Now?
Get involved in the WWF, and/orr sign up to join our community and use our channel to help.

Living Planet Report 2022: Wildlife populations decline by 69% in 50 years 0 reviews

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