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Message For The Russian People

People of Russia and the World Unite

Direct from Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger himself and well worth a watch.

Unfortunately, there will be grave consequences for all of Russia, including the many innocent people who live there, and who are either flatly against this war, or who have been manipulated over many decades by the regime, and are unable to form a different view.

Sanctions will no doubt be introduced, and at some point, Russia will need to pay reparation to Ukraine for the damage.

This utter stupidity by the Russian Leadership (and there's plenty more of this the world over); needs everyone to contribute to a solution.

And for the future, our global establishments, and policies by individual leaders need to avert such possibilities. But they won't.

WW1 and WW2 have not taught us anything.

It is incumbent on everyone to ensure that this type of stupidity never happens again. That said, the damage is already done, millions of people have been displaced, killed, and hurt... and for what?

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Ultimately, nearly everyone in the world wants this aggression to stop. Therefore, the more channels we can put out there, the better the chance there is of people being able to influence change.

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Success, in this case, means a popular uprising in Russia to stop this madness.

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Activists, Anyone, Celebrities, Community Leaders, General Public, Global Institutions, Governments, Heads of State, Influencers, Military, Politicians, Press, Refugees
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Direct Action, Political Change, Public Awareness, Public Support



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Moscow, Central Federal District, Russia

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Nadine James

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What Now?
We should all do all we can. Those in positions of power and responsibility need to do more than they ever have before, to ensure we never get into this situation again, and to resolve this as peacefully as possible. Period.

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