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Message For The Russian People

Must See!

This 9-minute video is a must-see.

There will come a time when the Russian people will see the unmitigated disaster that Putin has led them into. They will be shocked, and they will strive to never again be taken advantage of, as they are now.

Every leader that conspires to lie, and misrepresent the facts to their own people, for their own gain, or ideological gain is an enemy of the people they represent. 

We should support free speech, and change within Russia to ensure that this situation can never again be repeated.


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The war must end, free elections held in Russia, and those responsible need to be held to account.
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July 31, 2022
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In Progress

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Moscow, Central Federal District, Russia

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Bob Thompson

Member since 10 months ago
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Next Steps

Next Steps
Support for free speech in Russia, end the Putin regime, rebuild Ukraine. Create greater political stability throughout the world. End authoritarian rule. Put people first. Hold all our politicians to account.

Author Info

Bob Thompson

Member since 10 months ago

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