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UK Politics

A Better Breed of Politics Wanted For the UK

Overturn Tired Thinking

My ambition is to make Britain Great again, such that it can lead, and influence the world and take us all to a better place.

To do that successfully requires a better breed of politics.

But what does good look like?

How do we 'all' overcome the current cost of living crisis and make Britain powerful again?

Do we need to completely change the way we think about the economy, and finance?

It's obvious that increased taxation, on top inflation at the levels we see today is catastrophic for most people.

Perhaps Quantitative easing (QE) needs to go into the hands of households or debt needs to be substantially written off.

Maybe we want new Parties, new thinking, and new hope to embrace the UK political scene?

Is British Politics and thinking now well past its Use-by date?

Perhaps the establishments and fiscal rules nationally and internationally put in place are no longer fit for purpose and need replacing?

If our only hope is to keep things as they are, and occasionally hand out a few hundred pounds here and there, as gesture for headlines then you might be thinking that it's now time for change.

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Personal Listing

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Reason for Posting
Millions of people are suffering, adversarial politics between right and left adds no value. Let's debate the issues and change our thinking.

What Success Looks Like

Success Criteria
No more Politics that over-promise and under-deliver. We want inclusive politics, not division. We want a good fiscal and economic policy that gives everyone a chance of prosperity, and we want real innovation and change.

Requirements Needed To Progress Activity

Focus Groups
Activists, Anyone, Celebrities, Entrepreneurs, General Public, Influencers
Type of Help Needed
Different Thinking, Mindset Change, Options, Political Change, Press Coverage
Why Consider Getting Involved
If you're watching the news like we are, and can see no hope for the UK, or elsewhere in the world, then add your voice and let's do something about it.
What's In It For You
Prosperity perhaps, and less worry, or poverty extending to you, or the wider population.

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Parliament Square, London, UK

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Bob Thompson

Member since 1 year ago
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Next Steps

What Now?
Review and like/dislike the listing. Add your voice, let's get together and put our ideas forward. Then work out what our message should be to create the changes we need.

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