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No More Ever

Consigned To History

My ambition is for peace. 

Just what madness are we living through at the moment?

And what controls can we, the people, put in place to stop this nonsense once and for all.

Was WW1, and WW2 not enough?

Are we incapable of stopping WW3?

Now far be it for me to say so, but we all need to do something about this... the likes of Putin must never be able to control a nation (of any size) ever again.

Our world needs leaders and institutions that are going to enhance the world, and protect everything there is not ignore people, threaten nuclear destruction, or cause untold damage.

It's simple really. 

We don't want you.

You add no value.

You are history. 


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Reason for Posting
I watch with sad amazement at how our world can allow such idiocy to continue in the face of billions of law-abiding people. It's time for change and we want it now.

What Success Looks Like

Success Criteria
No more Putin. No more destruction. No more threats. No more waste. No more killing. The People of the World demand more.

Requirements Needed To Progress Activity

Focus Groups
Activists, Anyone, Celebrities, Community Leaders, General Public, Global Institutions, Governments, Heads of State, Judiciary, Press
Type of Help Needed
Different Thinking, Mindset Change, Political Change, Political Will, Public Awareness, Public Support, Ratings & Reviews
Why Consider Getting Involved
By publicly stating that you don't want the likes of Putin running Russia, and holding the world to ransom, you're making a statement. if enough people find novel ways to shout out that this is unacceptable, then maybe, just maybe we may be able to stop things like this from happening in the future.
What's In It For You
By getting involved you're using your voice purposefully. it might make others think twice about treating people like this. Maybe next time, someone could be invading your country!

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Kremlin, Moscow, Russia

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Bob Thompson

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Show your support. Join Ideas-Shared. Let's find ways to change and improve the world.

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