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Mahsa Amini

No More!

Enough IS Enough

Mahsa Amini was murdered by police in Iran for the "crime" of showing her hair. As the brave women of Iran rise in protest, it’s time for the citizens of the world to show their support.
And we do.

You see, a law requiring women to wear headscarves isn't just about controlling women. It's about controlling speech. It's about controlling the entire Iranian population. 

Iran has some of the most educated women in the world. The majority of its university students are women. In math, science, and engineering, 70% are women!

Just see:

The first female mathematician to ever win the prestigious Fields Medal was an Iranian woman: Maryam Mirzakhani.

The first privately-funded woman to travel to space was an Iranian: Anousheh Ansari.

The untapped potential of Iranian women (and people everywhere) is breathtaking. 

And what’s even more breathtaking is the bravery of women throughout the country. Since the death of Mahsa Amini, Iranian women are standing in front of the police, openly burning their headscarves in protest, risking their lives for freedom.

And sadly, in the past week, many of these protestors have been killed. It's unacceptable... women’s rights are human rights.

Innocent people should never die at the hands of their own police, in any country. And when you watch injustices repeated, year after year, eventually you decide enough is enough. And that’s happening, right now, in Iran.

In the words of the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

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Sometimes things need saying, and regardless of ideology, and politics, you just have to do the right thing.

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That's not for outsiders to say. it's for the Iranian people to move their country forward in the way they see fit.

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Activists, Anyone, Celebrities, Charities, Community Leaders, General Public, Global Institutions, Governments, Heads of State, Influencers, Judiciary, Politicians, Press
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Direct Action, Political Change, Press Coverage, Public Awareness, Public Support

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Sa'd Abād Palace, Darband, District 1, Tajrish, Tehran, بخش رودبار قصران, Shemiranat County, Tehran Province, 19886-15753, Iran

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  • Will Sutton

    The World has gone mad.

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