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The United Kingdom is in a mess. 40% of mortgage deals are now pulled from the market...

The Government is down in the Polls...

Is there an Energy Policy? if so, what are the big companies offering? And did you know...

A new green power source abundant enough to heat every home, fuel every vehicle, and power every business in Britain, it's one that experts predict could bring £320 billion of new wealth to our shores by 2050... and give batteries a run for their money.

But this is more than just another energy source...

The Express calls it an “energy crisis lifeline”... and Bloomberg says it could “solve the energy crisis”.

This is why unknown to most investors, the government is supercharging investment in “rain fuel”.

Fact or fiction?

So what's really going on in Britain, and should the public just switch off the TV and wait for armageddon?

Maybe our Prime Minister is right about everything, pushing against the establishment that is only out for themselves... mmm interesting?!?!

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We're pushing the wake-up call for our Country to grow up.

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Something a lot better than we have today...

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10 Downing Street, 10, Downing Street, Westminster, Lambeth, City of Westminster, Greater London, England, SW1A 2AA, United Kingdom

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Bob Thompson

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