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Russian folly

Time To Stop Global Aggression

People of the World Unite

Putin no longer deserves to be called a President, and he will be consigned to the history books as a bully and traitor to the people of Russia, and to humanity as a whole for invading Ukraine.

Not only do we need to see this tyrant behind bars, but we also have to consign this authoritarian thinking to the history books. All we can do now is collectively work together to ensure that he doesn’t remain in power for long. Leadership globally needs to be stronger than it has ever been because you are part of the problem too.

A lack of previous resolve, and a lack of action, have precipitated these events. People are watching, are we are exceedingly unhappy!

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December 31, 2022
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Russia needs to withdraw from Ukraine, and new leadership is required. The people of Ukraine and Russia, indeed the world deserve better. Authoritarian leadership is consigned to history. The War needs to stop forthwith. Free elections need to be held in Russia. Ukraine needs to be rebuilt.

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Political Change, Press Coverage, Public Support, Views
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Campaign - Stop Something,Fix – Repair – Solve Something,Share – Promote – Showcase


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Kyiv, Ukraine

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Bob Thompson

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Next Steps

What Now?
People across the world, including Russia, need to stand up and be counted. Like this Listing, if you want to see the war end, and Putin stands trial. We are only people, but together we can make a difference!

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Author Info

Bob Thompson

Member since 1 year ago

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