We all need help, more so when we are developing ideas and resolving problems…

That’s why, on Ideas-Shared you can ask for the specific help you need in order to develop your idea, resolve a problem and the like.

During your submission, simply check a box next to any combination of the following requirements as relevant to your listing:

  • Immediate Response
  • Urgent Response
  • Local Input
  • National Input
  • Global Input
  • Information
  • Answers
  • Debate
  • Solution Options
  • Free Labour/Help
  • Ideation Services
  • Publicity
  • Direct Action
  • Investment/Capital
  • Infrastructure
  • Community Support
  • Business Support
  • Government Support


Members will be reviewing each listing and if it appeals and they have the capability to provide the required help, can simply contact you or the list owner with their offer of help. This will initiate a conversation between you…