Communication Guidelines

Roles On Ideas-Shared, people play out different roles. The first distinction to make is that there are Members and Non-Members. Both groups can interact with each other. Members can be further sub-divided into Friends, and Project Teams. Members that are NOT friends with another member are simply referred to as members. Ultimate responsibility and authority... Read more


What’s Best: Opine, Argue or Do?

We all what we want, and we want it now, usually! COVID-19 has seen the best, and sometimes the worst of humanity. It seems that a few months lockdown has created feral individuals, who can seem to control themselves, once some freedoms have been reinstated. So it is with how we conduct our relationships, from... Read more

14 Things to Keep in Mind Before Posting Listings

Before you create your first listing, you should be able to answer the following questions, for each activity listings you want to post: Is this activity ‘really’ needed (by yourself, anyone, or anything)? Is your activity realistic and achievable? What’s the impact on peoples’ lives, (the greater the better)? Is your profile complete (include social... Read more

Why Should We Help Each Other?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Is it natural to help each other? Maybe once it was, when the World had more respect than it has today. How simple is it to blame and complain. Is protesting about colonial power really going to change the World? Or are people just looking for their next fix of trouble or adrenalin, and call... Read more

Building on your deepest desires

Everything you do is driven by your personal desires and priorities. Yet sometimes we struggle for years unable to identify exactly what our personal desires and priorities are. The following list identifies most peoples' important life goals, the flip side is not being able to answer or achieve a particular life goal. For example, how... Read more

Activity Priorities

Eisenhower’s Urgent/Important Principle

Using Time Effectively, Not Just Efficiently Focus on your most important ideas and thoughts. Time stress is one of the most pervasive sources of pressure in our lives, and it happens as a result of having too much to do, in too little time. So, how can you beat this stress, and the ideas and... Read more


Our Diverseness is Our Strength

We all have ideas… it could be a new invention, a new company, better ways of running the country, ideas for your community, schools, hospitals, and police. Your ideas could lead to a better way to travel; or they could be things for our children to do at school or in the holidays that do... Read more

How to Get Amazing Results with Ideas-Shared eBook

New eBook Released!

Ideas-Shared is a super tool for people throughout the world to drive change and improvement wherever and whenever it is needed. Now available in the members' area is our latest short work entitled 'How to Get Amazing Results on Ideas-Shared'. Use this work alongside our tools, our 35-page User Guide, our life-skills training, and our... Read more

Ideas-Shared Solution on Computer Screen

We Help You Share Ideas and Get Results

We believe 'thinkers & doers' should be free to follow their own meaningful path, developing ideas and overcoming problems with like-minded people to achieve mutual goals and ambitions... which is why we created Ideas-Shared... to help you do just that. Yes, Ideas-Shared is an extraordinary platform, a place to think, plan and deliver change and... Read more