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10 April

Using Time Effectively, Not Just Efficiently Focus on your most important ideas and thoughts. Time stress is one of the most pervasive sources of pressure in our lives, and it happens as a result of having too much to do, in too little time. So, how can you beat this stress, and the ideas and […]

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08 April

We all have ideas… it could be a new invention, a new company, better ways of running the country, ideas for your community, schools, hospitals, and police. Your ideas could lead to a better way to travel; or they could be things for our children to do at school or in the holidays that do […]

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07 April

If you’re looking for a quick entry into the World of Ideas-Shared, then grab your copy of ‘Fast Track Your Ideas & Thoughts today. Available for members and non-members, you’ll be able to pick up the pertinent points in just a few minutes. It’s really simple to get to know what we’re all about. Best […]

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18 March

Ideas-Shared is a super tool for people throughout the World to drive change and improvement wherever and whenever it is needed. Now available in the members area is our latest short work entitled ‘How to Get Amazing Results on Ideas-Shared’. Use this work alongside our tools, our 41 page User Guide, our life-skills training and […]

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26 January

We believe ‘thinkers & doers’ should be free to follow their own meaningful path, developing ideas and overcoming problems with like-minded people to achieve mutual goals and ambitions… which is why we created Ideas-Shared… to help you do just that. Yes, Ideas-Shared is an extraordinary platform, a place to think, plan and deliver change and […]

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04 January

The following describes the scenario for getting started with Ideas-Shared. Leaders and advocates for personal, community and business change and improvement become aware of our platform and come take a look. Impressed by the level of detail and potential offered, future members choose to get started by downloading the ‘Magic of Change & Improvement eBook’ […]

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30 December

As a leader and advocate for change and improvement, welcome. Like many, you want change and improvement in your life. You want to get rid of the inefficiencies and nonsense and you want to focus on value and benefit realisation for yourself and for others. Like us, you just want to get on with it. […]

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05 October

Here are some thoughts to help you master our platform: The Tool – Mastering Ideas-Shared Part 1 Ideas-Shared is an easy to use platform that is simplistic in concept yet powerful in application. It was created to be very easy to use and it only has three principal parts to it. The first is your […]

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