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10 April

Using Time Effectively, Not Just Efficiently Focus on your most important ideas and thoughts. Time stress is one of the most pervasive sources of pressure in our lives, and it happens as a result of having too much to do, in too little time. So, how can you beat this stress, and the ideas and […]

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08 April

We all have ideas… it could be a new invention, a new company, better ways of running the country, ideas for your community, schools, hospitals, and police. Your ideas could lead to a better way to travel; or they could be things for our children to do at school or in the holidays that do […]

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07 April

Ideas-Shared is pleased to announce our new Affiliate Program. Our goal is to help you make money whilst sharing Ideas-Shared with people everywhere. Now you can offer Ideas-Shared to more than 4 billion people online. You can help some of them post their own idea and thought related activities, so that they can collaborate with […]

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07 April

If you’re looking for a quick entry into the World of Ideas-Shared, then grab your copy of ‘Fast Track Your Ideas & Thoughts today. Available for members and non-members, you’ll be able to pick up the pertinent points in just a few minutes. It’s really simple to get to know what we’re all about. Best […]

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18 March

Ideas-Shared is a super tool for people throughout the World to drive change and improvement wherever and whenever it is needed. Now available in the members area is our latest short work entitled ‘How to Get Amazing Results on Ideas-Shared’. Use this work alongside our tools, our 41 page User Guide, our life-skills training and […]

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29 January

The story of Ideas-Shared is a story of hope, struggle, persistence and ultimately, success. It is even more amazing because the co-founders, Ivar Ingimarsson and Bob Thompson have different careers, backgrounds and live in two different countries, namely Iceland and England. Both have a passion to inspire others to act for whatever purpose they find […]

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26 January

We believe ‘thinkers & doers’ should be free to follow their own meaningful path, developing ideas and overcoming problems with like-minded people to achieve mutual goals and ambitions… which is why we created Ideas-Shared… to help you do just that. Yes, Ideas-Shared is an extraordinary platform, a place to think, plan and deliver change and […]

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04 January

Developing ideas and overcoming problems (among others) require all manner of teams to operate together to achieve favourable outcomes. High functioning teams can achieve incredible results – not just incrementally better, but perhaps 10x those of an average team. But more than that, a great team is a pleasure to work with. In fact, activity […]

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