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29 January
To reset your password, click the 'Join Now' button at the top of the page followed by the 'Forgot Password' link, which is bottom right in the popup, then complete the form as described and click on 'Get New Password'. Read More
29 January
To deactivate your account: just head to your Ideas-Shared Profile settings, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click 'Delete account'. You can also select the option to download your profile data. Read More
29 January
We don't want anybody complaining about other peoples' listings, but given our collective responsibility is about change and improvement, there will be times that someone will upset someone else, and complain or report a member. Here at Ideas-Shared we seek to promote collaboration in an ethical and fiduciary manner and as such we expect all [...] Read More
29 January
Events and Announcements provide professional looking notices to our members, designed to frame your listings. Use these to promote any type of activity or special offer pertinent to your listings which you would like to highlight. All Events and Announcements are linked to specific listings. There is no limit to the number of events and [...] Read More
29 January
The World is at a critical juncture and many of us simply do not have individual leverage to change and improve that which matters most to us, from global to local we are powerless to help. But not any more! Ideas-Shared is a unique social platform for change and improvement that goes way beyond that [...] Read More
29 January
Adding your listing on Ideas-Shared is an inspired choice. By choosing to add your activity listing, you elevate yourself to a completely new level. You are saying to the World that you are here and that you matter.You are saying to the World that your voice counts and that you are here for a purpose.You [...] Read More
29 January
Ideas-Shared Listing Packages enable you to post any number of Listings, each with individual Projects, unlimited Events, unlimited Announcements and lots more besides. Every idea, rant, problem, article, question, solution and job listing can be used for up to a year; that’s plenty of time to generate value, change and improvement wherever and whenever you [...] Read More
29 January
Ideas-Shared is a powerful tool for everyone that wishes to use the power of 'social' to progress their cause. Like any great story, there is a trigger and something happens. This then prompts a positive or negative thought that leads to one of six primary activities on Ideas-Shared. These activities allow our members to build [...] Read More