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29 January
A ‘solution provider' on Ideas-Shared is an individual or company (of any construct) that offers free or paid solutions (inclusive products, services, data, information etc.); all of which resolve member problems and support the realisation of ideas. Multiple, collaborative solutions and actions may well be required by our global membership to support local, national and [...] Read More
29 January
An 'innovation expert' is simply an ideas person who has the ability to devise and in some cases, deliver change. They are problem solvers and experts in their field. Of course, we're all innovation experts at some point in our lives. We learn and devise new ways of doing things for ourselves and others. Here [...] Read More
29 January
A 'concerned party' is simply an individual who has, physically or otherwise, read, listened to or watched a piece of information or experienced some kind of unpleasant activity that they find uncomfortable and incomprehensible. This usually leads to some kind of activity designed to warn others or it can simply lead to a random verbal [...] Read More
29 January
Ideas-Shared is designed as a flexible channel for solution providers to help others out. Whether you choose to sell your solutions or offer free or charitable help is entirely up to do. Why not offer both to help your friends and community? As always, Solution listings are your first port of call. Set out your [...] Read More
29 January
Ideas-Shared was conceived to be an online environment where members can add their ideas and seek the help they need. Indeed, our planet and our futures are dependent on the ideas that keep us alive, safe and well. But, we do not live on ideas alone. Our society is full of injustice, aggravation, inequality and [...] Read More
29 January
As a concerned party, you can use Ideas-Shared in a number of ways, for example: Add a Blast listing as a way of warning others about poor performance or use it to state your disbelief, incomprehensibility or annoyance about a particular state of affairs. Note that if other members have already posted a like-minded listing [...] Read More
29 January
You are passionate.You are motivated.You have a conscience.You are a thinker.You make things happen.You have ambition.You have high standards.You are fed up with the status quo.You want to make your online clicks worthwhile.You want to achieve specific outcomes. These are just some of the reasons people look to join Ideas-Shared >>> to initiate activities, find [...] Read More
29 January
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