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As an Ideas-Shared member, you can list your problems, get help and undertake projects to consign them to history; and yes, vent your frustration too!

Problem Transparency

It’s time to take back control and ditch your problems and frustrations wherever they may be. Ideas-Shared is a change and improvement platform that helps you get the help you need, which is probably just what you need.

Rant Uses

With Ideas-Shared, you may find that you’re not the only one with a problem or frustration! Together, all Concerned Parties may just be able to make a difference after all. Amazing.


Options Review

Time to decide how best to progress, whether on your own or as a group. On Ideas-Shared you let the World know what you want to overcome to make your life just that little bit better. Don’t delay as time is of the essence, isn’t it?

Determine your options, be brave, never give up!


With your friends signed-up and resources in the bag, it’s time to put your Plan into action. You choose how many problems you want to tackle at any one time on Ideas-Shared. Decide what you want to do, share out the jobs and don’t lose sleep with documents, email and chat always to hand.


Ideas-Shared gives everyone a chance to change lives for the better, whether for yourself, for the community, for business or for the environment. All you need is the strength of mind never to give up and the desire to give it a go.

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