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Collective Success

We help each other achieve collective success

This is about you achieving what you want. It’s about people helping people. It’s about our collective success.

Very rarely in this day and age, can many of us deliver change and improvement without some type of help, whether other people or resources or a combination of both.

Getting started with our platform is not difficult. In fact, you can join in just a few minutes and start listing your needs. You don’t need a big army of followers either, you simply need to take your thought ((relating to any idea, frustration (rant), problem, article, question, solution, or job)); and post it by following the guidelines provided.

What people and resources you need to help you at any point in time, will be very specific to the task at hand, and it is likely that these requirements will change on a case by case basis.

Remember, the change and improvement that you want can be personal, to help family and friends, communities, clubs, churches, charities, and business too! You can be politically motivated, or you can be interested in one of many special interest groups.

Specific ways we help each other and getting what you want

Helping each other on Ideas-Shared and getting what you want, comes down to doing ‘7 things’ consistently. It’s about finding activities and projects that interest us and then rolling up our sleeves to do stuff, which on completion achieve specific outcomes.

Create/amend profile

Members only

You introduce yourself to members and visitors. Your profile is your persona and it’ll take you just a few minutes to set up.  The sooner you do so, the sooner you’ll attract others to help you. Your profile will showcase your interests and give others a reason to help you. View current members >>>

Create your own listings

Members only

Adding an idea, rant, problem, article, question, solution, or job listing creates awareness and showcases to the World what is on your mind. It’s the start of a new adventure for you or it can help you overcome problems. Use this opportunity to make other people aware of your needs and give them a reason to help you. View all listings >>>

Start projects

Members only

When you add a listing you can also create a project. A project can be open or closed. Any other member can join an open project, whereas only your friends can be invited to join a closed project. A project room on Ideas-Shared is the place to agree and monitor tasks, which upon completion, should yield the result you’re looking for. View projects >>>

Rate listings


You can rate any listing posted on Ideas-Shared, (non-members can do this also). We use a star system to rate listings across 4 metrics: (a) relevance to me (b) importance to me (c) global impact (d) willingness to help. Additional ratings will elevate a listing up our Leaderboard. This will increase its visibility and attract more people to view and possibly help. View leaderboard >>>

Rate friends

Members only

It takes minutes to rate friends, (when logged in). We use a star system to rate people across 4 metrics: (a) professionalism (b) trustworthiness (c) reliability (d) friendliness. Additional ratings will elevate the member up our Leaderboard. This will increase individual standing and attract more people to view their profile and listings and so attract more help. View leaderboard >>>

Help other people

Members only

Make our world better by changing and improving that which matters to all is central to our community. Collaboration is key. Members and non-members view listings to spark interest. If you see something interesting that you want to help with, simply contact the list owner and open up a conversation. It really is, as simple as that. View listings by Country >>>

Increase your influence

Members only

Creating valuable relationships is at the heart of Ideas-Shared. None of us can achieve much of note without help from other people. Use our platform (including our text, voice, and video chat facility; and email system to converse and deliver the best possible outcomes for everyone. View listings by category >>>

The devil is in the detail

You can change and improve anything that is important to you. You just need the leverage and process to do so. How much leverage and the process you need to go through will be dependent on your goals.

Progress is based on popularity, support, and effort. Just a handful of motivated people is all any of us need to progress any activity through to the conclusion.

Start by:

  • Identifying what you want to achieve
  • Deciding what you want help with
  • Agree who you want help from

Then it’s a bit like learning to walk, you take one step at a time and don’t look back. So. what successes will you be aiming for?