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Find out in 6 minutes or less if Ideas-Shared is for you?

Which individuals would you like to help?The world is full of people and no matter who we are, or what we do, we yearn for happiness, wealth, freedom, peace, joy, balance, fulfillment, confidence, and compassion.

Some want to change the world, some are passionate about specific interests – a club, a sport, a charity, etc; whilst some want to make money, some just want to help, and some care only for themselves. This is life, it’s all fine and so it continues.

If you’re not sure where your sympathies lie or you’re curious whether Ideas-Shared is something for you, then come and find out by taking this short questionnaire.

There are 20 single and multiple-choice questions in total. There are no correct answers. It’ll take you no more than 6 minutes to complete, and it is totally anonymous. At the end, you nay be questioning your own motives, plus we’ll give you an honest view of whether our platform is for you. Ultimately, of course, it’s your decision…

Need help?

Discover what drives you (you may be surprised)...

1. Let's start by finding out where in the world you live (select your primary country of residence)?

2. Do you have a large circle of family and friends with a broad range of capabilities and money, that you can call on to help you when needed (tick one)?

3. Do you know what your purpose in life is (tick one)?

4. If known, what is your purpose or calling in life (tick all that apply)?

5. Are you achieving your most precious goals and ambitions (tick one)?

6. Are you happy with your life and everything in it (tick one)?

7. Which of the following do you most want in your life right now (select 3 answers that most apply)?

8. What annoys you the most (select your 5 biggest gripes)?

9. Which of the following issues are prevalent in your life (tick all that apply)?

10. Which of the following are issues in your Country (tick all that apply)?

11. If you knew that your actions made a difference, would you help (tick one)?

12. What can you offer to other people and organizations (tick all that apply)?

13. If you had the opportunity who would you help (tick all that apply)?

14. How many hours per week could you spare helping yourself or others, if asked (tick one)?

15. If you could change or improve anything, what would it be (select all that interest you)?

16. Can you think of three people or organizations who may need your help (tick one)?

17. Can you think of 3 people or organizations who would help you if you asked (tick one)?

18. What do you think is needed to make our world a better place (select all that apply)?

19. When push comes to shove, do you prefer to talk about an issue, or do you prefer to do something about it and commit to action (choose one)?

20. If Ideas-Shared could help you achieve your goals, would you sign up (choose one)?