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Try it for yourself

Here’s an easy but useful way for you to help other people and it’s quick too. All you need to do is this:


>>> Click on this link to take you to all listings or select one from the list over on the right

>>> Find a listing that resonates with you and which has someone already reviewed

>>> Click on ‘Submit Review’ to open the review box

>>> React to the review by clicking on either Interesting, LOL or Love


Should you wish to rate this listing (or any other) yourself, then simply fill in the form (requires sign up). Note that when you assess a listing, there are four areas, each with five stars to select. These are:


>>> Relevance to me – if you think this listing is highly relevant to you, then choose five stars, etc.,

>>> Importance to me – if you believe this listing is significant to you, then select five stars, etc.,

>>> Global impact – if you think this has a high global impact, then choose five stars, etc.,

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Ideas-Shared’ simple concept is powerful enough to enable local and global change to occur. If you are planning on signing up, we recommend you use the button below.

Next Generation Demands More

Hi Harry, astute words indeed. I like your thinking!...

cat-icon Berkshire, UK


Sterk byggðasvæði sem næra nærliggjandi byggðir.

George Floyd

The World must now change!

cat-icon Minneapolis, MN, USA

Social distancing on a airplanes

I like this. Simple solution to give people the felling of more private space....

Ideas-Shared Enhancements

Creating the best possible idea site and collaboration hub

cat-icon Crowthorne, UK