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When To Get Involved

Ideas-Shared is a lifestyle choice

Join us when you are ready. Join us when you feel you have something to say, even if you’re the only one saying it.

If you need help changing and improving anything, and you’re not sure what to do next, then give us a go. Also, use us if you know what you want and need a platform to spark interest and gain support.

Ultimately, joining us allows you to express and help overcome your innermost wants including the pursuit of happiness, wealth, freedom, peace, joy, balance, fulfillment, confidence, and compassion.

Here’s a list of personal wants that many struggle with

No. 1: Happiness – Biggest challenge: “Not knowing what you want to do.”

No. 2: Money – Biggest challenge: “Not having enough money or time to accomplish the things you want to do.”

No. 3: Freedom – Biggest challenge: “Having the freedom to find your ‘true purpose.’

No. 4: Peace – Biggest challenge: “Lack of clarity about who you are and your purpose.”

No. 5: Joy – Biggest challenge: “How to find the right role or position for you that will bring joy to your work.”

No. 6: Balance – Biggest challenge: “Balancing your need and desire for flexibility while making enough money and having the benefits you want.”

No. 7: Fulfilment – Biggest challenge: “Utilizing your potential in the best possible way, for yourself and for others.”

No. 8: Confidence – Biggest challenge: “Feeling like you have something to offer now, rather than feeling that you’re not ready.”

No 9: Compassion – Biggest challenge: “Feeling helpless when you know something should be done to change or improve something.”