Idea Types

Four Types of Idea

Ideas-Shared is all about change and improvement, which clearly includes (but is not limited to); socialising, developing and implementing ideas. We all have them, many of us have the same thought or idea and yet the process of making ideas ‘happen’ is often very hit and miss for all manner of reasons.

However, before we go too deeply into that topic, let’s have a look at the four primary types of ideas that all of us have throughout our daily lives.

On Ideas-Shared, every idea that is posted will belong primarily to one of these four idea types:

Type 1: Thing

Taking an idea and converting it to an object, be it a paper-clip, new car, building, in fact anything. You will need lots of help, time, staff, resources and money to convert the concept to a sample and then to production. Of course, you can make money turning your idea into a tangible product, so it makes sense to obtain protection of your idea and keep things to yourself until it’s necessary to share.

Type 2: Achievement

You may have an idea to climb Mount Everest or cycle around the World which will require significant resource and planning. It may also mean that you are looking for free or paid support to fix something or change something.

Type 3: Process

There is a lot of inefficiency around many aspects of our daily life and you may have some of the answers to make life more efficient. Process improvement ideas can make a real difference to your life and many others right across society.

Type 4: Concept

These abstract ideas could eventually turn into a Thing, Achievement or a Process. You may need help taking your concept and converting it into the next phase of your big idea.


Ideas-Shared is designed to help you express any of the above idea types so that you (and others) can do something tangible with them.

We make it very simple for you to list your ideas and ask for the help you need to bring your idea to life; so don’t delay, become a member and add your idea listing on Ideas-Shared today!

So, what ideas would you like the World to know about?

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