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Guiding Principles

Ideas-Shared is one of the most ambitious online platforms bringing billions of people together to identify and convert their thoughts into value and benefit. To help everyone achieve more, we ask that you embrace our 7 Guiding Principles…

  • Have the courage to speak up and ask for what you need even when you’re the only voice

  • Value is what you bring to others before yourself

  • Listen before you speak

  • There is more to life than gossip or ego

  • Sharing is better than taking

  • Persevere every day and never give up until you achieve your goals

  • Give thanks for what you are and for what you may become


If you’re passionate about making our World a better place then come and make a difference on Ideas-Shared. With your imagination and the power of social improvement you can use Ideas-Shared to develop ideas, overcome problems, share solutions, vent frustrations, get answers, get help, build teams and more. Ready?