Ivar Ingimarsson - Founder Ideas-Shared

Ivar I.

“Empowering Members to Make a Difference & Feel Great Too!”

Bob Thompson - Founder Ideas-Shared

Bob T.

Hello Friend,

What you’re about to discover is a new and very different idea and thought sharing method that generates interest and support for you from the people you know and those you’ve yet to meet…

  • Regardless of your idea or thought…
  • Regardless of the reason…
  • And regardless of who you want to help.

A truly mouth-watering prospect, we know. This “missing piece” as you journey through life, turns your ideas and thoughts… into value and benefit for all you care for… without any fuss or drama, just when you need it the most.

In fact, as you’ll see, this is a repeatable process that you can use time and time again for almost any purpose. This isn’t theory, it’s available today, and you can use this method now no matter where in the world you live.

Our mission is to help you make a difference in the world by:

  • Presenting a global peer-to-peer idea sharing platform for millions where anything is possible
  • Providing everyone over the age of 16 with an equal chance to contribute, and feel great doing so
  • Giving members a way to showcase wants and needs, with abilities to ask for help, and get help
  • Bringing a team of like-minded people together to architect and achieve specific outcomes
  • Providing a repeatable process that can be used to convert ideas and thought into value and benefit
  • Creating an environment where clarity of mind, hope, and potential for mutual success is accessible to all
  • Enabling personal, social, environmental, political, and business change and improvement

Ideas-Shared is designed to help our members create the necessary leverage needed to deliver a broad array of desired outcomes… and feel fulfilled, excited, and happy!

Welcome to Ideas-Shared

Ideas-Shared Personal Use CoverYou’re invited to take a no-obligation, risk-free look at Ideas-Shared, comprising our unique ‘Platform & Methodology‘ that empowers you to make a difference in the world… so, grab your favourite beverage, perhaps a sarnie too, then relax as you discover an opportunity with amazing potential for you, and all you care for.

We’re just launching, we’re brand new… and we’re 100% committed to creating a global community of millions of people just like you, who want to collaborate across all manner of activities, driving conversations, planning activities, and changing and improving matters, personally, socially, environmentally, politically, as well as for business.

Here are the activity listings that our members are pursuing right now. On Ideas-Shared it’s also about helping others too!

Ideas-Shared Community CoverIdeas-Shared was created to not only facilitate change and improvement but also change the way we go about changing and improving our world using technology coupled with proven processes that anyone can follow, but to help our members live personally fulfilling, exciting and happy lives.

We know this a huge endeavour, and yet it is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to get involved; so we really hope you see merit in joining our global membership of caring, visionary people.

There’s no small print, OTO’s, we never sell your details, and there are no ads either; take as long as you need to go through these pages, read some, read all… it’s entirely up to you, but don’t click off our site until you’re 100% sure that Ideas-Shared can’t help you in some way, big or small, or that you’re simply not interested in helping yourself or making a difference somewhere in the world nor living a life that is fulfilling, exciting and happy!

Ideas-Shared Business CoverJoin Us

Want to get started right away and you’re over 16, then you can! Sign up here to become one of our founding members and get FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP of Ideas-Shared. This option is only available for the first 1000 members. After that membership is likely to be £3.99 a month, or £29.99 for a Starter membership subscription… which is a small price to pay to make a difference in the world. Full pricing details can be found here.


So what are you waiting for, come and join us, invite your friends, and let’s see what we can achieve together!

Best wishes and thanks for looking.

Ivar Ingimarsson & Bob Thompson