Simplicity itself: ask for help, build teams, get results

The real magic

By posting your listings on Ideas-Shared, you open up your wants to the entire world.

If your activity captures the heart of our members, and the wider world, you stand the chance of creating massive social leverage for your cause.

As we create a membership of millions of people that want to make our world a better place, we can use urgency and popularity to make a real difference together.

It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking to achieve a personal ambition or you want to help a community on the other side of the world; it can all be initiated and progressed on Ideas-Shared.

You post a listing describing what you want to achieve, and what help you want.

>>> Takes 5 to 10 minutes to set up.

>>> Listing lasts for 365 days, and can be extended if needed.


You syndicate your listing across Facebook and elsewhere, and await the wider world to contact you and/or invite select friends to help you.

>>> Takes seconds to syndicate to major social networks e.g. Facebook.

>>> Invite as many friends and acquaintances as you want. Send them the URL or if they are members, send them an invite.


Interested parties will contact you, and inform you of their interest to help you.

>>> Timescale is based on popularity, urgency, who the beneficiaries are.

>>> Quicker if you have a team in place already.


You agree to help each other, then using our ‘virtual projects’ plan tasks that need to be completed in order to achieve your specific goals.

>>> Create as few or as many tasks as you need to complete the activity.

>>> Project duration will depend on the complexity and available resources.


Those involved carry out all agreed tasks until every objective is met.

>>> Just keep going for as long as you need.

>>> Your activities and ‘projects’ can be evergreen (just top up your available packages).


With all objectives met, interested parties enjoy the results and benefits.

>>> Designed to be ‘focused’ activity that gets results.

>>> Use whenever you want, repeat as necessary.