On Ideas-Shared you can add any combination of activity type (e.g. an idea listing, a problem listing etc); as many times as you want depending on the package purchased. There are three monthly non-recurring package options that can be renewed as required:


  • Bronze: Up to 3 activity listings
  • Silver: Up to 10 activity listings (including 3 free, only pay for 7)
  • Gold: Up to 15 activity listings (including 5 free, only pay for 10)


Each monthly listing costs £1.

To add a listing you need to be a member and have purchased a package. You can join Ideas-Shared and engage with other members (i.e. review listings, offer help); without first buying a package. You only need to purchase a package if you intend to add a listing.

Add Listing

You can add a listing in two ways:

Option 1: Join Ideas-Shared then add your listing

Option 2: Click on the ‘Add Listing’ button, complete the form then pay/join

Complete Add Listing Form

All listings are added in the same way and on the same form, as follows:


  • Enter a listing title
  • Enter a listing tagline
  • Select one or more applicable location where listing impacts e.g. Space, the World, Continents, Countries
  • Enter your contact phone number (if applicable)
  • Enter your full address to show listing origination on map (just enter a City or Town name to keep your real address secret) OR enter location of listing
  • Submit a website URL (if applicable)
  • Select a Category (Note that you always categorise each listing twice, the first category MUST be one of the following: Idea, Blast, Article, Question, Problem or Solution; thereafter you should aim to select ONE of the other 101 topical categories). Selecting a category will bring up additional fields
  • Select all applicable listing features
  • Enter a Petition link (if 3rd party link applies to listing)
  • Enter a Donation link (if your listing has a corresponding Paypal donation link or simlar)
  • List all types of help needed from the list as it applies to this listing
  • Enter a short description of listing reach/availability e.g. Space, World, all country names, local town street etc)
  • Add a reason for entering the listing
  • Add a status for the listing; may be changed as your listing matures
  • Enter a fiscal consideration from the options (can relate to cost or price)
  • Enter a numerical cost/price from and to
  • Now enter a full description of your listing, can includes paragraphs and URLs. Ensure enough is written to provide clarity
  • Enter any number of FAQ’s should they be needed
  • Add all applicable social links from following: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Instagram
  • Add any keywords and tags
  • Add a video link e.g. https://youtu.be/U35a5MWkaG0
  • Add images for listing header, suggest 3 or 4
  • Add a feature image


You can now save and preview your listing, pay if needed,then submit. Note that you can amend your listing any number of times.

After adding your listing activity, consider doing the following:

Social Sharing

To help you get your requirements out into the World, use our social sharing facility to syndicate your activity listing onto popular social sites.

Events & Announcements

After you’ve posted your activity listing, don’t forget to add events and announcements to get the support you need. These are visible on the listing detail page and a general Events page.

Important to Remember

The purpose of your idea, blast, article, question, solution and problem listing is to effect change and improvement. So, what’s on your mind?