The purpose of Ideas-Shared is to invite and implement change and improvement. This is done through the solicitation of activity that is designed to promote a response, as follows:


  • Idea Listing – aim is to develop and implement a new idea
  • Blast Listing – aim is to outline poor performance and frustrations
  • Problem Listing – aim is to resolve the problem
  • Article Listing – aim is to share valuable information
  • Question Listing – aim is to illicit an answer
  • Solution Listing – aim is to offer members your free and paid products and services


5 Star Reviews & Comments

Firstly, on Ideas-Shared, all members can review every activity type through a simple Star Review process. Each review has 4 questions worth 5 stars each. These questions are:


  • Relevance to me – (how relevant is the listing topic in your life today?)
  • Importance to me – (how important is the listing topic to you?)
  • Global impact – (how do you think this listing impacts globally?)
  • Willingness to help – (are you willing to get involved and help deliver the listing?)


Simply click on the stars where 1 star means the least and 5 stars means the most. Scale will identify the most important activities that we as a group need to concentrate and deliver upon. As part of the Review process you can also add your own comments.

Review Reactions

All members can react to other member reviews and comments. The options available are (1) you agree with the review (2) you disagree (3) you love the review. This adds additional depth into the conversation; of course, you can always add your own review to the listing.

Help Offers

Secondly, for some listings i.e. ideas and problems, list owners can request certain types of help from any number of members, who collectively will have the ability to deliver the outcomes.

If you have some/all of the required help in your gift and you wish to provide that help then simply navigate to the listing detail page and complete the form with your details and an outline of what you can do. (Note that we are developing more encompassing processes here, which will be available in the future).

This will open a dialogue between you and the list owner to agree upon a way forward with you and other members until the objectives are reached.

Every listing has a status based on its type. This should be amended as you reach particular milestones.

Disagreement & Collaboration

There will be time that members will post activity listings such as blasts, articles and questions that require a specific response. Especially in the case of blasts, you may experience adverse and negative feedback on e.g. business performance. This needs to be looked upon as an opportunity to change and improve as opposed to one which facilitates further a culture of blame and argument. Use this opportunity to engage and resolve the issues amicably. Be especially mindful if you receive lots of adverse reaction as there is then a clear need for positive movement.

Future Ideas-Shared Development

There is a development plan to create more social interaction to drive purposeful change and improvement. Please bear with us as we  continue our journey together. Thank you.