How Do We Do It?

How Do We Make It Happen?

We all have ideas, challenges, problems, questions, frustrations, solutions… and fundamentally these are all activities that we need to manage.

Sometimes we can do this on our own, other times the activity is so complex, that we simply don’t have the skill or perspective to progress it. In these instances, our only recourse is to ask for help.

Luckily for us, there are billions of people online. All we need to do is look beyond our usual bubbles, overcome any anxiety we may have in sharing, and put it out there.

Once we open this ‘door’ we have the potential to let in the help, resources, and support needed to move an activity on.

Once we have the help, resources, and support needed, we then take the necessary steps to change and improve that which we want to change and improve…

So what now?


  • We need to come together
  • We need to say it as it is
  • We need to ask for help
  • We need to change the way we think about what’s possible
  • We need to create leverage from as many people as possible who like you, are fed up with the status quo
  •  We need to act in a more diverse, and inclusive manner…

Only then can we obtain the traction needed to progress.

So, what’s your story, and what would you like to change and improve?

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