Ideas-Shared is a powerful tool for everyone that wishes to use the power of ‘social’ to progress their cause.


Something Happens


Like any great story, there is a trigger and something happens. This then prompts a positive or negative thought that leads to one of six primary activities on Ideas-Shared.

These activities allow our members to build on their experiences and follow a course of action. These actions are:


  • Blasts: If a member is angry they can blast their feelings about any topic using our Blast listing. This process identifies poor performance and with scale can warn anyone, thus limiting such behaviour and prompting change.
  • Q & A: If a member requires an answer to a specific question they can post it on our Q & A listing. Anyone with the knowledge and experience needed can then provide that clarity.
  • Articles: If a member is an expert in their field they can write absorbing (non-opinionated) articles whilst promoting themselves or their company as leading lights in their Industry.
  • Problem Resolution: If a member has a problem, they can post on our Problem listing and ask for the help needed to resolve the situation. As time goes by, and with focus, more and more problems should be resolved, and overall performance should increase.
  • Solutions: If a member has a solution, paid or otherwise, for a product or service then that can be posted on our Solution listing. This is a great way to showcase your product, service or talent and ensure it is showcased in front of the very people who need it.
  • Ideas/Ideation: Finally, if a member has an idea to further any situation then this can be posted on our Idea listing. Here you can ask for the help needed to develop and make that idea come alive. Ideas-Shared is all about ideation and the development of ideas that can influence a better future.


In our highly fragmented World, many people simply don’t have a voice and find it exceedingly difficult to get the help they need. On Ideas-Shared, there’s no hiding behind poor performance, legal jargon or anything else that causes distress or harm.

Any member can post any type of legitimate and legal listing or combination thereof to illicit support from our other members. These will be in response to any local or global event across any conceivable topic. It is not about seeking to subvert free will in any form.

Once a listing has been made it is over to our other members to share their knowledge and experience; offer help or sell solutions (as shown in the following diagram):


Ideas-Shared Process Overview


We cut away the complexity of modern living and bring people together who share the same passions and desires. Those that choose to come together to undertake a course of action as described in these pages do not need to be bound by political correctness or follow project management doctrine.

This is about rolling up ones’ sleeves and getting on with purposeful action that you are passionate about regarding everyday matters and global matters that are dear to all our hearts.

There is simply nothing like Ideas-Shared, where billions of motivated and passionate people can truly bring their voices and motivation together to effect real change.

Points to Note:

  • More detailed listing setup and response information can be found elsewhere in our Help Section.
  • Ideas-Shared will evolve and we have plans to make this entire process seamless for many millions of people. If you’d like to help us, please contact us with your thoughts.