How Much Does It Cost

Everything has a price and a cost. They are not related. Value is perceived differently by individuals. What is costly to one person can be easily affordable by another, and dismissed as incidental. Money is an illusion. It is a tool. Just a tool. But we are conditioned to believe that it is much more than that.

Money is purposefully put into short supply. Society is built upon debt. We are conditioned to believe that ‘competition’ drives our personal achievements and that poverty is simply a result of circumstances, and personal decisions.

It is in this environment that we need to consider how we priced membership of Ideas-Shared. We could have gone down the ‘advertising’ path, but we believe that is not the way to go; because we want the focus to be on listings and engagement, not countless continuous distracting ads.

The next consideration is what’s it worth, both in terms of accessing the tool and in incorporating a value that represents the return on your time and money investment. We are very confident that the return on your investment with us can be very very large indeed.

Of course, we considered the affordability aspect, because a tool like Ideas-Shared is not just for a few to take advantage of, it should be available to everyone. That’s why we chose to create a solution for individuals, not businesses, and where each individual is free to pursue any activity, personal, community, business, or society related.

For absolute clarity, we could have gone down the price per listing route, but that in itself didn’t feel right.

So we chose a simple monthly and annual membership option that is affordable especially in this economy; and which offers significant returns on investment.

Membership Options

We have a very simple pricing model:

  • Monthly membership @ £3.99/month with our Adult Monthly Pass
  • Annual membership @ £29.99/year with our Adult Monthly Pass

Payment is secure via Stripe.

We also offer a free Young Persons Pass for everyone aged 16 and 17. You are the future and your voice is important.

During our launch period, you can sign up for our Founders Pass. This is free for life to the first ‘x’ thousands of members who want to make a difference in the world.

Is this you?

To get your Founders Pass, click on the link below:

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