About Ideas-Shared

Ideas-Shared operates in the social networking industry, and personal development niche. Our platform and methodology give members globally, aged from 16 to 75+, the opportunity to turn all manner of personal, social, business, political, and environmental situations into preferred outcomes.

Our comprehensive solution supports the development of a broad array of skills that include thought leadership, confidence, focus, communication, money-making opportunities, career, vision, purpose, happiness, productivity, mindset, motivation, and goal setting.

Not a course, Ideas-Shared offers members a real-world social network to undertake practical everyday enlightened self-interest ventures… that include identifying goals, asking for help, getting help, and then jointly developing and executing plans to change and improve our world with like-minded people.

Enlightened self-interest is a way to create good for self and good for all at the same time.”

Embrace enlightened self-interest… let Ideas-Shared facilitate the achievement of your goals using our unique platform and methodology.

Global Teams

It’s time to go beyond simply talking… let’s develop ideas, overcome frustrations, and fix problems together…

We believe everyone has the right to have their voices heard… to enjoy the opportunity that life on earth should bring… to live without fear, or discrimination… and to share ideas for the betterment of all!

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