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Accept our invitation and join Ideas-Shared, the incomparable idea-sharing solution, and real-time engagement platform. We are here to help everyone make a difference in the world, for themselves and for others too!

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  • Access to the Ideas-Shared Platform and Dream Team Builder Optimisation Model
  • Your own Ideas-Shared profile
  • A change and improvement social network for everyone over the age of 16
  • An ability to add and progress any number of ideas, problems, frustration, solution, place, or event activity listings
  • Have your say on any personal, social, business, political, environmental, or financial topic
  • The ability to ask for help, get help and make things happen
  • Opportunity to meet new people and start new adventures
  • Help other people with their listings locally, and globally
  • Follow our 7 Step Process that can help you make a difference
  • Reflect via our innovative coaching technique
  • Access 15 life-skill refreshers to help you on your way
  • Dig into our library of real-world information that you can use
  • See where you are with progress tracking
  • Be part of a one-stop community of like-minded people to help all you care for

Accept our offer… join our waiting list and become one of the first 1000 people in the world to use our platform. Once we have opened the doors then this option will be gone and you’ll need to be a paying member to access it…

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