Why Join Ideas-Shared?

We’re different.

We’ve created an online idea-sharing platform where you and any other person can undertake activities that benefits yourself or any other individual, club, school, charity, organisation, business, or government, and all with just one single membership.

We created a unique ‘dream team builder optimisation model’ where interested cross-boundary parties can come together to focus on 18 everyday activities, across more than 140 topics, right across the world.

We stripped the process down to simple steps so that the focus is on identifying urgent and important activities, that are then pursued through to conclusion.

We unlock global interaction at the individual level, so now anyone can purposefully engage with any other like-minded person on the planet using a combination of social networking, activity development, and project management.

From developing ideas, overcoming frustrations, fixing problems, getting answers to your questions, progressing ambitions… none of these activities can be achieved without other people getting involved.

  • But what happens when you don’t get the help you want?
  • What happens when every avenue you go down draws a blank?
  • How do you find and manage the right teams?
  • How do you overcome bureaucracy and inefficiency?
  • What if no one believes you?
  • Where is the leverage coming from?
  • What do you do if you really are stuck?
  • How do you help the things you really care for?
  • How do you shine a spotlight on things that need changing and improving?
  • How do we stop scammers?
  • How do we make our streets safer?
  • How do we ensure global institutions really support people?
  • How do we stop the world from being ravaged by despots and lunatics?
  • How do we really overcome discrimination, poverty, inequality?

Maybe you’ve turned your back on finding answers to these critical questions because no one seems to care, or it’s just too difficult?

Well not anymore… our new social network, and methodology, helps facilitate the delivery of your personal, social, environmental, political, and business goals.

Take a closer look at our common sense, easy-to-use functionality, and tools that are designed to help you get the help you need to progress.