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Israel-Palestine-Solution Israel-Palestine-Solution
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A New Dawn For Palestine & Israel

One or Two State Solution

The objective is plain, and that’s to help support a solution for the People of Palestine and Israel.

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While the State of Israel was established on 15 May 1948 and admitted to the United Nations, a Palestinian State was not established. The remaining territories of pre-1948 Palestine, the West Bank – including East Jerusalem- and Gaza Strip, were administered from 1948 till 1967 by Jordan and Egypt, respectively.

The implementation of a two-state solution would involve the establishment of an independent State of Palestine alongside the State of Israel. The first proposal for separate Jewish and Arab states in the territory was made by the British Peel Commission report in 1937.

The "one-state solution" refers to a resolution of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict through the creation of a unitary, federal or confederate Israeli-Palestinian state, which would encompass all of the present territory of Israel, the West Bank including East Jerusalem, and possibly the Gaza Strip and Golan Heights.

Depending on various points of view, a one-state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict is presented as a situation in which Israel would ostensibly lose its character as a Jewish state and the Palestinians would fail to achieve their national independence within a two-state solution or, alternatively, as the best, most just, and only way to resolve the Israeli–Palestinian conflict.

Which solution is best will come down to the people within Israel and Palestine. Yet whilst we have the current troubles it will be unlikely that a solution is found, leading to yet more destruction and suffering.

At the end of the day, humanity cannot continue to self-destruct. There is no value in constant conflict. It really is as simple as that.
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Community Problem, Economic Problem, Political Issues, Social Problems

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Ultimately, the only outcome the world wants is peace throughout the Middle East, economic growth, and prosperity and well-being for everyone.
Whether you live in the area, or are someone that believes in creating a better world, the ultimate benefit for everyone has to be prosperity, well-being and harmony.
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Happiness, Health, Opportunity, Peace, Prosperity

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Collaboration, Political Will, Publicity
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Join our community to take active steps in resolving the issues faced by the world.

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Jerusalem, Jerusalem Subdistrict, Jerusalem District, Israel

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