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Ban Taxation on All Pensions For 65+

We Worked Hard - Hands off!

We need to make our Country rich again, we need to turn our economy around, and for those that have contributed throughout their life, we should scrap all taxation for those over 65, both men and women.

After all, the only reason we need to tax people more, is for decades all parties have mismanaged the economy, and failed to invest in policies such as low cost energy, thus precipitating the cost of living crisis when Russia invaded the Ukraine.

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All of us in the UK must have some aspiration to grow our economy, and eradicate debt. We may also be interested in thinking about new economic models that create growth. After all, continued low growth and reduced tax receipts is only ever going to limit public services and push for yet more tax rises.

Perhaps if we really get things right, then not only should all pensions for the over 65's be completely untaxed, we might also be able to push for public/private wage equality. Imagine that!

Now let's finish with this.... many think of the state pension as an entitlement, but Ministers see it as a benefit.

We beg to differ, as do many millions of ordinary people.

Hands off.
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Being visionary about the kind of world we want to live in might be sufficient, a catalyst even to bring people together to make things happen.
No tax on pensions and wage equality for millions!
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Happiness, Opportunity, Prosperity

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Are you a dreamer? Then come and dream on ideas-Shared and see where things go from here!

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HM Revenue and Customs, 100, Parliament Street, Westminster, Millbank, London, Greater London, England, SW1A 2BQ, United Kingdom

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Bob Thompson

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