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I would like to peaceably help, in some small way, change and improve the way China treats the citizens of Hong Kong and feel that this rant, is another way to galvanise support globally!

We have friends who regularly go to Hong Kong and we’ve watched it develop over the last 22 years since Hong Kong reverted to Chinese rule.

Indeed, its citizens have enjoyed many freedoms and rights unheard of in mainland China and the territory was promised “a high degree of autonomy” under the Basic Law – Hong Kong’s mini-constitution as agreed with the UK.

Unfortunately, over the years China has tightened its control over the city, chipping away at freedom of speech, judicial independence and political rights.

The recent eruption of protests in Hong Kong so visible on our TV screens here in England, prompted by a proposed law allowing for individuals to be extradited to mainland China, (is quite frankly unacceptable) and clearly contributes to the growing anger at the erosion of basic freedoms.

In June 2014, Beijing released a policy white paper declaring that the Chinese government had “comprehensive jurisdiction” over Hong Kong and the city’s “high degree of autonomy comes solely from the authorisation by the central leadership”.

It’s quite obvious that China has no regard for the people of Hong Kong; preferring instead to enslave those it is supposed to serve.

There is no place for China or it’s ideology in this World, rather everyone should be able to universally flourish regardless of where they live.

If you agree, then please sign the Petition.

At the end of the day, all the people of the World need to unite to overcome all manner of injustice regardless of where it is or the format it appears as…


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